Wet Dream Therapy

Rebecca and David Durand are sex therapists, specializing in erotic dreams – and also a happily married couple. Their own active sex life is fueled by their retelling of the dreams of their clients. But when a male client fantasizes about sex with Rebecca, their marriage is pushed to the breaking point – and both therapists are thrown into a turmoil of lust, forced to explore their own erotic fantasies. Will the hot nights of debauchery tear them apart forever – or somehow bring them back together again?

Frank Noir’s explicit pornographic novel is a non-stop tour de force of incredible sexual encounters. Surreal erotic dreams blend into the story – melting away the boundaries between reality and erotic dreams.

Breaking the conventions of erotica, “Wet Dream Therapy” is a sexual fantasy unlike any other – and will awaken desires you never thought you had.
Not for the faint of heart.

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