The Complete Tales of Lust (Vol. 1-4)


Four erotic collections now available at half price!

For years, Frank Noir has excited readers with his sensual short stories of raw and forbidden sexuality, published in four volumes as “Tales of Lust”.

All 24 stories from the four “Tales of Lust” collections are now available in one volume – at half the original price.

From sizzling descriptions of sexual encounters to red-hot orgies of shocking depravity, this complete collection has something to bring everyone’s darkest fantasies to life. Enter the kinky world of Frank Noir – and prepare to be aroused.

“The Complete Tales of Lust” contains all stories from
Tales of Lust – Vol. 1
Tales of Lust – Vol. 2
Tales of Lust – Vol. 3
Tales of Lust – Vol. 4

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