Tales of Lust – Vol. 1

Frank Noir: Tales of Lust - Vol. 1“Hot as a fully raging fire, this book will have you in need of a shower and a cigarette.” – Amazon review

“Tales of Lust – Vol. 1” is a sizzling collection of six filthy stories that will turn you on – and possibly break some taboos on the way. You have been warned.

The stories in this collection:

“The Secretary”: A beautiful secretary walks through a strange city at night – only to be ravaged by two horny bikers. But what is really going on?
“The Bath Attendant”: The burly attendant allows Nicole to stay at the swimming bath after closing time. But he also demands that she returns the favour.
“The Subway”: A single woman on a subway car is blindfolded, chained and abused by male and female passengers alike.
“A Hard Day at the Office”: It’s a hot day, and Dave is editing pornographic photos for a living. He almost goes out of his mind with lust – but help is closer that he thinks.
“The Prisoner”: A sadistic policeman wants his female partner to show a prisoner “what he’s missing”. Unfortunately, it soon gets out of hand.
“The Experiment”: Two kinky doctors carry out sexually charged experiments on their helpless subjects – and then turn on each other.

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