Excerpt from “Superficial Damage”

The story so far: Driving home at night, our heroine has crashed into another car. Its angry male driver wants her to pay him immediately. But as he goes through her purse for money, he also finds something else.

“What the hell?” he said quietly.

Slowly, he pulled my pink vibrator out and brandished it in my face.

“What’s this?” he asked. “Not only are you a lousy driver – you’re also a goddman pervert.”

I could hardly look at him – it was too embarrassing. First the accident, now this. I just wanted to run far away and hide – but I was afraid to go anywhere.

He was silent for a few seconds.

“Right,” he finally said, his voice deep and determined. “Take off your clothes.”

“What?” I gasped.

We were in the middle of the city. The pavements were deserted, and so were most of the buildings around us – almost all of them offices. But still – we were standing in the middle of the street.

“You heard me, baby,” he said. “Strip for me.”

There was no way out. I just knew.

I unbuttoned my blouse, then pulled it off – and then my skirt. The evening breeze felt cool on my skin. Next, I unhooked my bra and threw it on the ground. Finally, I slipped out of my black satin panties and stood before him naked except for my high-heeled shoes.

He smiled fiendishly.

“Lie down on the hood of my car,” he said. “On your back.”

Slowly, I did as I was told, feeling the heat of the engine through the metal. He handed me the vibrator.

“Play with your pussy,” he said.

I stared at him, quietly shaking my head. We were out in the open – in public, for God’s sake. What was he thinking.

“Do it,” he insisted, raising his voice.

I didn’t like the look of him. Big and burly, with that stubbly beard and hair, making him look rough and unkempt. No, it was no use. I just had to obey.

I licked the fingers of my right hand and with a sigh I slid them towards my clit. I had been wet in the car, and I still was. My pussy lips were swollen, and as I gently caressed them, it was as if they wanted to suck my fingers inside.

Closing my eyes, I began stroking myself, my fingers circling my clit. I felt the cool breeze on my pussy, smelt the smells of the big city, and listened to the sounds of distant cars and trains. I was masturbating in the middle of the street – and to be honest, it felt pretty good. Juices flowed from my slit, wetting my fingers.

“Now – use that thing,” he demanded.

He meant my vibrator, of course. I still held it in my left hand. This was getting weirder by the second. Masturbating in public was pretty wild – but for some reason I felt that using the vibrator was an even more personal thing – something I only did behind closed doors all alone – or once in a while with a particularly imaginative boyfriend.

I fumbled hesitantly with the pink rubber toy. Eventually, I managed switched in on and heard the familiar buzzing noise.

I only meant to graze the hood of my clit with the vibrator. But either my hands were unsteady, or my clit was sensitive as hell. Whatever it was, a shock went through my body, as I felt the rubber buzzing madly against my love button.

“Oh!” I cried, throwing my head back.

That didn’t put me off. On the contrary. Now I wanted more.

I sat upright on the hood of the car, watching intently as I moved the tip of the toy slowly around my clit. Shivers of excitement ran through my body, giving me goosebumps in the cool night air. My juices flowed down my thighs, glistening on the car’s metal. I breathed heavily, my mouth wide open.

“Mmm,” a deep voice said. “Yeah. Like that. Keep going.”

I looked op. The driver had zipped down his pants and pulled out his erect cock. It was long and thick, with a swelling, bluish head. As he watched me, he masturbated, making it grow and stiffen. I heard myself whimpering with pleasure and felt my naked legs shaking uncontrollably. The driver smiled fiendishly. Still stroking his cock, he looked up at the buildings around us.

“And look,” he said. “They’re all watching.”

I, too, looked up. Lights were on in several windows, and I could distinctly make out silhouettes in many of them – men, women, couples – all looking down at us. Were they getting excited now? Were they masturbating, too?

I held my breath as I guided the tip of the vibrator in between my dripping wet labia. Feeling it buzzing inside my cunt made me moan with lust. Slowly, I moved it back and forth, my slippery pussy muscles clenching the vibrating rubber toy. I was about to come.

“Oh, God,” I sobbed. “Oh, God.”

The driver stared at me lustfully. Clear fluid leaked from the tip of his cock and trickled down the shaft, wetting his stroking fingers.

Once again, I lay down on the hood of the car, then used both hands to bury the entire length of the vibrator inside my pussy. Closing my eyes, I felt it purring away at the insides of my flesh, finally bringing me to orgasm.

“Aaah!” I cried, arching my back as my juices gushed around the rubber toy. “Aaah!”

My cries echoed between the buildings in the cool night air, as the climax ripped through every fibre of my body, almost making me faint with pleasure. Gradually it subsided. I lay flat on my back, breathing deeply, savouring the afterglow.

“Yeah,” the gruff voice said.

I felt the vibrator being pulled out of my pussy by his strong hand. As I looked up, he was spreading my legs apart and guiding his hard, swollen cock towards my slippery hole.

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