Free stories

Free stories

Ebooks by Frank Noir are available from all major vendors. But here on his official website a number of free stories have been selected for your reading pleasure.

phoneThe Phone Call

In bed alone at night, Cindy receives a lusty phone call from a strange man.
Read “The Phone Call”

Little ThiefLittle Thief

Rachel attempts to steal a sex toy from a porn shop – but is promptly punished by the shopkeeper and a horny policeman.
Read “Little Thief”

Cold Beer

This story is as wet as it gets. In a remote desert bar, two kinky gentleman introduce Sara to an alternative use for ice-cold beverages.
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The BeachThe Beach

When Joanna falls asleep naked on the beach, she attracts the attention of a group of spectacularly kinky young men.
Read “The Beach”

jenni-out-for-a-bicycle-ridThe Girl on the Bicycle

On a bicycle ride in the country, our narrator encounters an unusually seductive young girl. The ride gradually turns into a savagely heated encounter.
Read “The Girl on the Bicycle”

The ShootThe Shoot

It’s Becky’s first day as a pornographic actress – and already things are getting rather out of control…
Read “The Shoot”

babysitter_bwThe Babysitter

Our narrator’s horny wife has a plan: She wants both of them to get a little more intimate with the pretty young babysitter.
Read “The Babysitter”

morning_jogA Morning Jog

Our nasty narrator lets his girlfriend go for a jog. But on two conditions: She has to wear a remote-controlled sex toy. And he wants to watch.
Read “A Morning Jog”

trainThe Train Ride

A conductor walks in on young Jenna as she’s masturbating on the train. The sight seems to drive him mad with lust.
Read “The Train Ride”


Our young heroine meets an older shopkeeper who shares her passionate interest in sexy leather clothing.
Read “Leather”

In the WoodsIn the Woods

Out hiking, Ellen and Mia come across a naked man with some amazing abilities.
Read “In the Woods”

The PolicemanThe Policeman

On the run from a robbery, Brad and Nikki encounter a horny policeman with his own kinky agenda.
Read “The Policeman”

The Road TripThe Road Trip

Driving with her boyfriend, Michelle knows a way to relieve boredom during long car rides.
Read “The Road Trip”

The KitchenThe Kitchen

The Italian chef can’t control the lust he feels for the restaurant’s new waitress. And he certainly doesn’t intend to wait until closing time.
Read “The Kitchen”