Interview with Frank Noir

This interview was conducted via email by Pavlov Uraság for his Hungarian-language blog.

Q: Where do you live? What do you do for a living? How come you have time to write those well-detailed and well-built stories?

A: I live in Berlin, Germany and work as part-time musician, part-time web developer.

The story writing was a hobby of mine for a number of years – while the music career was on hold.

Plus, when I’m writing, I work quite fast.

Q: When did you start writing? Do you write any other stuff than porn stories? What does writing make you feel? Which one is your favourite porn story? Why did you decide to write in English instead of your native language?

A:  I’ve always been writing, and wrote my first porn stories as a teenager.

Apart from porn stories, I’ve written short stories, song lyrics, press releases and music reviews.

I always enjoy working with language. But porn stories – at least the way I write them – are a bit different. The traditional narrative doesn’t matter as much as the vivid description of a scene, to turn the reader on. They have to turn me on as well – that’s how I know they’re working.

For some reason, my personal favourite is “The Bath Attendant“, an early story of mine. The female lead character is turned on by a man she actually finds repulsive – and her submission is not quite consensual. I find the concept quite erotic and believe I made it work rather well.

In fact, I started writing in my native language. Then I discovered internet forums like and and decided to translate the stories I had lying around in order to share them online. After that, I started writing them in English.

The dominance theme

Q: Almost all of your stories have some fetish/dominance/bondage in them. Why do you feel this passion for these kind of things?

A: Good question. But I honestly have no idea.

I remember seeing pictures of naked women tied up on covers of porn magazines when I was just a kid. Of course at the time I didn’t understand what that was about, but the theme seemed to stick with me.

Or perhaps it’s just a way of compensating – as I’m quite a timid person in real life.

Q: I translated some of your stories to Hungarian. Do you know any other translations of your work?

A: No. I’ve published a few of the stories in my native language – but otherwise they only exist in the English versions.

Q: So many female readers find your story “The Bank Robbers” to be your best story, and most of them would like to be in an adventure like that one. Why do you think it is so succesful? Did you think while writing it, that so many female readers will like it?

A: I didn’t know that “The Bank Robbers” was that popular.

But I do have quite a lot of female fans (or maybe female readers just give more feedback than male ones). And I’ve noticed that they’re especially fond of my most explicit domination and submission stories – “Yes, My Darling – Tonight” seems to appeal to a lot of women.

My guess is that many women have submission fantasies. But a lot of stories in that genre are quite brutal, focusing on humiliation and pain. My stories, on the other hand, are more sensual, using the domination theme merely to “spice up” the sex scenes.

Real life and porn

Q: Why did you choose your story “The Nurses” to be at a hospital? Did you have any erotic experiences in a hospital?

A: No. Not at all.

I like to try out various settings for my stories. Sometimes I try to be original – but sometimes it’s fun to deal with the most overused porn clichés and see what I can do with them. And nurse porn is one of the most classic of clichés.

In this case, it also inspired me to write a – for me – unusual scene of women dominating the man.

Q: Are any of your stories based on real life experiences?

A: Only in the most abstract sense. I don’t even base characters on people I know.

With one exception: “My Naked Neighbour” was in fact inspired by a female neighbour I had at one time – and whom I saw walking around naked in her apartment a couple of times. But the story itself is just a free fantasy about what could have happened.

Q: How many people are reading your stories on your blog? What was the most interesting fan mail you got so far? How important are comments and feedbacks for you? Did you ever meet with any of your fans?

A: Actually, I don’t bother to keep track of the number of readers. If a story has been read a thousand times, I’m impressed. If it’s been read ten thousand times, I can’t really relate to it.

Most of the fan mail I get is no more than a quick “I liked your story”, but that’s quite enough for me. Generally, I don’t expect to get feedback – but when I do it motivates me.

I believe the most interesting correspondance was with a severely handicapped woman, who wasn’t able to have sex, but was still able to bring herself to orgasm by reading my stories. That made me feel that I was really doing something worthwhile.

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