Masturbation Monday - Excerpt from "Naked Circus"

Masturbation Monday – Excerpt from “Naked Circus”

The story so far: Young Katherine is unhappy with her mother’s new husband Edgar who has just paid her a visit.

Masturbation MondayShe grabbed her Jane Austen novel from her nightstand and threw herself on the bed to read. But she couldn’t seem to concentrate on that, either. At any mention of love or any male character, a strange vision would intrude on her mind. She would see Edgar – tousled, sweaty, though a little more handsome – slowly undoing his belt, pulling down his trousers to reveal his thick, heavy cock.

Kate would try to brush away the image. But the more she fought it, the more vivid the picture of Edgar’s tool became: Its impressive length and girth – even in its flaccid state – the rough roadmap of veins pulsing beneath the skin. And Edgar would grin at her, leering, lascivious.

She threw the book aside. It was a strange and unpleasant thought. And yet … and yet she felt a surprising sensation between her legs. As she pictured her stepfather shamelessly disrobing, exposing his cock to her, she felt her pussy growing damp and excited.

Confused, she took up the book again, hoping to stem this unexpected excitement by reading a few more paragraphs. But no. Still the image of the lusty, naked Edgar persisted – and still her own arousal grew. Her entire body shivered with the deep tingles of lust.

Kate sighed. Abandoning the novel on her nightstand, she undressed and got into bed. She hadn’t pleasured herself for a few days – and the strange visions of Edgar were probably just a symptom of neglecting her carnal needs. She knew by experience how that would often trigger fantasies of peculiar perversions – and that they would fade away once she’d brought herself to a climax.

As her hand reached under her sheets and touched her tiny clit, she felt how incredibly wet she already was. Fascinated, she let her fingers explore the folds of her cunt, feeling juices flowing, lubricating her soft crevice. She sighed. Slowly, she moved two digits around the hardening knob, spreading warm surges of pleasure through her body. She masturbated harder, and the vision of Edgar – undressing, leering at her – reappeared. She chose not to fight it this time. Vigorously massaging her love button, Kate lay back and let the images come to her.

This time Edgar’s cock did not stay soft. He looked her in the eyes, smiling lasciviously, as it rose like an elephant’s trunk, stretching to its full length, throbbing with lust. As she whimpered with pleasure, feverishly masturbating, Edgar nodded.

”That’s a good girl,” he whispered hoarsely.

Kate arched her back, her legs kicking beneath the sheets. Oh, it felt so good tonight. But why? Edgar was so unpleasant to her – the vision of him filling her with disgust. But somehow, at the same time – while her fingers skilfully teased the root of her pleasure – the disgust mingled with her arousal. The thought of this vile creature displaying his animal lust for her excited her more than anything.

”Oh!” she gasped.

”Ready for some more?”

Kate opened her eyes. That was Edgar’s voice. Not in her head – in her mother’s bedroom.

”Oh, yes. Yes, I am.”

”Heh. I knew it. You’re just a filthy little whore, aren’t you? Do you want my cock?”

”Oh, Edgar, it’s beautiful. So big and hard. Fuck me.”

Kate masturbated like mad. She never thought she’d hear her mother talk like that. And she could just picture the scene – or at least Edgar’s part in it: At the foot of the bed, naked and aroused – his huge member erect and jumping with excitement.

”Look at me!” Edgar’s voice commanded. ” Spread your legs. No, more. As wide as you can.”

Instinctively, Kate obeyed the commanding voice and spread her legs as well. She felt the warm wetness covering the inside of her thighs.

”Here I come, honey,” Edgar gasped. ”Ah! Take it! Take it all!”

”Aaah!” she heard her mother cry.

”Mmm,” Kate moaned. ”Yes. Fuck her.”

Images of Edgar’s virile member flashed through her mind. And now she even imagined the sensation: His erect shaft, long and throbbing, stretching her tender, succulent flesh. Kate pushed two fingers inside, imitating a cock, feeling juices gushing from her sensitive folds. Still massaging her clitoris, she moved the fingers in and out, imagining Edgar’s powerful thrusts: Deep, hard, relentless.

”Ohhh!” she sobbed. ”Ohhh!”

She bit her lip to keep from screaming out loud, as the climax surged through her. Arching her back, she felt every fibre of her body convulsing in orgasm. But she kept going. She figured Edgar would be like that: Demanding, brutal, unstoppable.

Through the walls, Kate heard her mother whimpering in ecstasy. Edgar was almost silent now, probably concentrating on the hard, rhythmic thrusts of his cock inside her. Only now and then Kate heard him grunting with strain and pleasure – and his hoarse voice turned her on even more:

”Hunh! Hunh! Hunh!”

Kate heard herself sobbing uncontrollably. Delirious with lust, she kept masturbating, as a chaos of filthy thoughts flooded her mind: The thrusts of Edgar’s shaft inside her – so hard and deep they were almost painful. His rough, lusty voice. His dirty, leery smile. Approaching another climax, she heard her mother’s orgasmic screams:

”Ohhh! Ohhh!”

”Yes!” Edgar replied. ”That’s it, honey! I’m gonna come! Aaah!”

Kate vividly imagined the sensation: Edgar’s shaft contracting, pumping first one spurt of hot semen into her, then another, then another … She gasped out loud, as another violent orgasm exploded through her young, quivering body. Kate lay completely still, feeling the wave of pleasure take control of her, her mother and her lover still gasping and grunting in the next room.

As the animal lust subsided, she was able to clear the image of Edgar from her mind. It had been a strange but powerful fantasy – and now it was gone, leaving no trace behind, except a mild sense of disgust. She couldn’t believe she’d thought of Edgar while masturbating – but she had. And now, once again her mind was her own.

Kate blew out her candle, then she lay down and closed her eyes.

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