Masturbation Monday – Excerpt from “Lusting after Michiko”

The story so far: An unknown man keeps leaving flowers outside Michiko’s flat – and semen on her door. Coming home from work, she finds it has happened again, but she’s too tired to deal with it now.

Michiko got up and went into the bedroom. She pulled off her blouse and skirt and lay on the bed in bra and panties. The bedroom, too, had a huge window with a balcony outside, looking out over the city.

Michiko squinted in the dark – she hadn’t turned the lights on in the bedroom. There was something different about the view tonight. As if there was something out there.

She switched on the light – and looked straight into the eyes of a naked man. It was her neighbour, standing on the balcony, stroking his swelling cock.

“Oh shit,” she whispered.

She looked him over. He was a short, stout man, but his body was surprisingly muscular. And in great shape for a guy his age.

He looked at her intently, masturbating. His thick cock was slowly rising, the veined shaft growing in length. His face was serious, concentrated.

But how did he get out there? The balcony in his apartment faced the other way, and he certainly hadn’t come through Michiko’s. Had he gone through the apartment next door and crawled from balcony to balcony? He certainly showed a lot of determination.

Michiko stared at his cock, as he massaged it to a full erection. She suddenly realized that she was wearing only bra and panties, but somehow it didn’t bother her. In fact, she felt like showing herself off.

She felt herself getting wet between the thighs. Her neighbour was turned on by her, jerking off to the sight of her, and he wanted her to watch. And he was quite an attractive man, in a rough sort of way. The whole situation was pretty sexy.

Michiko lay on her bed, letting him watch as she unbuttoned her black satin bra and threw it on the floor. Her breasts weren’t big, but beautifully shaped, and her dark nipples were already hard. She gently massaged her breasts. Oh, it felt good touching herself. It felt good having him watch.

Slowly, she slipped off her panties. Her pussy had been partly visible through the thin fabric, but now she let him see it for real. She kept it trimmed, leaving only a little bush of jet-black hair above it.

Michiko got up on her knees and spread her legs, letting him glimpse the wet, pink insides of her labia. Her neighbour stared lustfully at her slit, stroking his cock in a slow, steady rhythm. Michiko’s fingers found her clit, stroking it gently. Then gradually she matched her rhythm to her neighbour’s strokes. She gasped.

They were masturbating in unison, watching each other. Michiko applied more pressure, feeling a gentle wave of pleasure through her sex every time her neighbour stroked his erect shaft. Her pussy was oozing love juice, making her fingers wet.

She reached into the nightstand and pulled out her vibrator. Its steel surface gleamed in the lamplight. She looked her neighbour straight in the eyes as she placed the tip of toy at the mouth of her pussy. His sombre expression changed to a fiendish half-grin. His lips seemed to form the word “yes”, but she couldn’t hear his voice through the glass.

She lay back on the bed and slowly slid the hard toy into her succulent cunt.

“Ohhh!” she gasped.

God, that felt good. She slipped the vibrator out. Drops of love juice glistened on the shiny surface. She slipped it back in, then out, then in. She wanted to watch his reaction, but she was so aroused, she could hardly focus. Shamelessly, she let him watch as she thrust the toy into her pussy over and over.

She felt dirty, and that turned her on even more. In her excited state, Michiko felt that she had nothing to hide – she was hot as hell, and she wasn’t ashamed to let the whole world know it. Letting him watch was turning both of them on.

Michiko writhed on the bed, fucking herself with the vibrator in an ever-increasing rhythm. She was about to come. She whimpered with lust, her juices flowing around the rigid toy.

“Now watch this,” she gasped. “You filthy bastard, watch this!”

Michiko arched her back, as the climax hit her. Crying out in ecstasy, she felt her whole body trembling, electrified. She could sense nothing but this huge surge of physical pleasure, reaching every fibre of her helpless body.

She just lay there, feeling her orgasm slowly subside. She slowly slipped the vibrator from her cunt.

Breathing deeply, she looked out at her neighbour. To her surprise, he hadn’t come yet. He was still masturbating, staring at her. His cock was swollen, the bluish head bulging – drops of clear fluid dripping onto her balcony.

“You want me to go again?” she whispered. “You think you can handle it?”

She didn’t care what she wanted anyway. She sat up in bed, put the tip of the vibrator against the base of her clit and turned on the motor. The buzzing sound seemed amazingly loud in the quiet bedroom.

“Oh, fuck!” she gasped.

The vibration sent sparks of pleasure through her tender flesh. She moved the humming toy in circles around her clit, feeling her arousal grow.

Her neighbour masturbated vigorously, stroking his bulging shaft in a faster and faster rhythm. His mouth was open, gasping as he watched Michiko pleasuring herself.

“Aaah!” she cried. “Aaah!” Loud, singing tones that he could certainly hear out on the balcony.

She stared at his cock. Suddenly, she imagined that her orgasm somehow depended on his – that she wouldn’t be able to come before he did. She pressed the buzzing vibrator against her clit, anxious to see her neighbour ejaculate.

“Oh, please come,” she whispered. “Let me watch.”

”Unnnh!” he grunted, loud enough for her to hear it through the glass.

Her neighbour grabbed his cock with both hands, stroking it feverishly.

“Oh, yes!” Michiko gasped, as she felt her orgasm approaching to.

“Aaah!” her neighbour cried, as he came. “Aaah!”

The first spurt of semen shot from his cock, hitting the windowpane several feet up. The creamy white liquid slowly trickled down the glass. Jerking violently, the bulging cock released another jet of sperm, shooting even higher and more plentifully than before.

Michiko came too – a violent explosion of pleasure, starting between her legs and spreading throughout her trembling body. Through misty eyes she watched her neighbour ejaculating, creamy spunk pumping from his twitching cock. He kept masturbating, forcing every last drop of semen from his balls. Michiko watched, as the last, thick drops fell heavy on the floor of her balcony.

He stood there for a while, breathing hard, looking down at his cock, as it slowly went soft. Then his eyes met Michiko’s. He gave a crooked smile and nodded at her. Then, with a skilled motion, he crawled over the balustrade and jumped, still stark naked, to the balcony next door.

Michiko couldn’t believe her eyes.

Still trembling from her orgasm, she fell back onto her bed and just lay there, staring at the ceiling. Imagine doing a thing like that: Entering through some stranger’s flat, undressing, and then jumping from balcony to balcony, just to stand outside a woman’s window, jerking off. You’d have to be absolutely fearless to do a thing like that.

And he’d done it for her.

Michiko turned off the light and got into bed.

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