Sex story: A Morning Jog

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The path circles the little lake in the middle of the park. It’s surrounded by a dense ring of various bushes and trees shining pale green in the spring sun this morning. I’m sitting on a wooden bench looking out over the lake, listening to the gravel crunching rhythmically under your feet as you come running towards me.

As I turn my head slightly to the right, I see you. Your small, firm breasts bouncing slightly under your pink top, your short, red hair swinging in time. You’re wearing little white shorts and white trainers. I see the muscles flexing in your naked legs with every step.

The pink plastic remote is beside me on the bench. I pick it up and hold it in the air, letting you see it as you pass. You’re breathing fast and I sense the sweet scent of your skin.

This morning I woke up with a powerful erection and tried to pull you against me. But you didn’t want to. You had to go for your morning jog. If you didn’t want to fuck you could just have sucked me off – you know how I love to squirt in your mouth. Or you have jerked off my cock with your hand.

But you just didn’t want to. And then I had to tell you the punishment.

You stood stark naked in front of me, as I tied the two rubber straps around your hips and in between your thighs. I checked that the little plastic cup containing the vibrator was firmly stuck to your clitoris. And as I tested the remote with one quick push, I heard the vibrator humming. You gasped loudly, a shiver running through your naked body.

Then I let you put on your jogging outfit and go to the park. I took the remote in pocket and followed behind you.

From my spot on the bench I can watch you going all the way around the lake. When you’re halfway, I push the remote. I see you convulsing. You stumble slightly, but quickly pick up the pace.

I hold down the button, knowing that the vibrator buzzes relentlessly against your tiny clit. Then I let go.

The next time you pass me, your cheeks are flushed. My eyes follow you, enjoying the sight of your firm bottom bouncing with every step you take.

I press the remote again. Your body jerks, this time almost making you fall over. You keep running, a little slower, while I hold down the button. Not only is the vibrator buzzing against your clit, but your own movements has to enhance the sensation: Your thighs brushing against each other, your naked cunt rubbing against the smooth fabric of your shorts. As always I’ve forbidden you to wear panties.

I see you slowing down on the other side of the lake and let go of the button. You take a few light steps on the spot, then run along in your original pace. I think you were about to come. You must be so wet now – your shorts drenched with your juices.

The thought turns me on. I feel my cock swelling in my pants, thick and hot against my right thigh. It’s hot in the sun where I’m sitting, but now and then a cool breeze sweeps over the park, making the leaves rustle against each other.

You come towards me again. Sweat runs down your cheeks, your arms, your thighs. Passing me, you grit your teeth, sending me a dirty look – almost angry, but horny as well.

I let you run quietly for a while, not touching the remote. Keep you guessing.

But suddenly, as you’ve reached the other side, I push the button again. And this time I simultaneously turn the other control – the one increasing the speed.

You slow down again, try to run on, but no – it’s no use. The vibrator buzzes crazily against your clit, as I hold down the button. You stumble towards a tree you can lean against. You rest your palms and forehead against the rough trunk, breathing deep and hard. Your entire body shakes spasmodically, your mouth is wide open, but from my position on the bench I can’t hear the slightest moan. Unfortunately.

I let go of the button. You had your first orgasm, baby. It won’t be the last.

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