Sex story: Leather

I don’t know why, but leather turns me on.

I really am a nice, normal girl. But there’s something about black leather – and men in black leather. Bikers, you know. They just turn me on.

I’d been meaning to visit the shop for months. It’s right on my block – and specializes in leather clothes. Not the kinky kind – just solid, well-made leather stuff. But to me, it felt kinky, and I couldn’t get myself to go in.

Until finally one day, I worked up the courage and entered the shop.

For a few moments I just stood there, looking around at all the goods: Leather jackets, vests, trousers, belts. All different colors, but mostly black. There was the heavy smell of leather in the air and all around me – almost intoxicating.

“Can I help you?”

I turned my head. The owner stood behind the counter. He’s a tall, thin man in his fifties – a kind of aristocratic looking type with long gray hair and a gray beard. He was dressed in a black leather jacket and black leather trousers. And as I looked at him I noticed his eyes: Steel blue and piercing.

“I…” I stuttered. ”I’m just looking.”

The owner nodded. But then he came out into the store, anyway. He picked up a pair of black leather gloves and put them on. Still, he never took his eyes off me.

I know, I’m a fairly pretty girl – long, red hair, nice breasts and long, shapely legs. Yes, I’m actually quite pleased with my body. But come on, I’m 25 years old, and this guy was well over fifty.

I took one step back. But the owner just followed me, staring at me with his steel blue eyes.

“But, you know,” he said quietly. “I do think I can help you.”

Suddenly, his gloved hands grabbed my wrists and pinned me to the wall. He pushed his body against mine, and the smell of his leather clothes filled my nostrils.

“What…?” I asked.

The owner smiled slightly.

“They say there is no aphrodisiac,” he said. “How can they say that, when we have leather? Huh?”

I shook my head. What was he talking about?

“Isn’t that why you came?” he asked. “You want the aphrodisiac. You want to turn on and be turned on. You want… sex. Don’t you?”

His right hand still held my wrist pinned me to the wall. Now he let his left and brush across my shirt, touching my breast. It slid further down, touching my belly. And further down, lifting up my short skirt.

“Please…” I whispered.

I felt his gloved hand on my thigh. His finger brushed across my panties, then I felt the gloved fingertip pushing them aside. I froze, as he ran his finger across my bush.

“No,” I said.

Next, the gloved fingertip touched my labia. I felt the leather poking the mouth of my pussy, and I bit my lip.

Why didn’t I scream or push him away? I could pretend I was frightened. But in reality I wanted him to go on. Wanted his gloved hand to explore my flesh. As soon as I smelled the leather, I was helpless. And now I felt myself getting wet.

The gloved finger entered my pussy.

“Yesss,” the owner whispered into my ear. “Do you feel that?”

“Mmm,” I moaned.

”Never mind,” he whispered. “I’ll do it again.”

And slowly, she slipped his finger all the way out – and back in again, pushing it even deeper than before. I squirmed against the wall.

The owner slid his gloved finger in and out of my pussy in a slow sensuous rhythm. My juices made the leather wet, mixing my scent with its own smell. I felt the blood rushing to my cheeks. I couldn’t help it – this was actually turning me on. Although I didn’t like to admit it.

I glanced towards the shop window.

“But…” I gasped. “People can see us!”

“So?” the owner said, his finger still moving inside my slit. “Are you ashamed? You should not be ashamed of your sexuality, my dear.”

His gloved thumb moved towards my clit, massaging my mound while his middle finger rhythmically explored my cunt. I whimpered with pleasure.

“And a pretty young lady like yourself,” he continued. “Why – you should be proud to show off that beautiful, sexy body. If they want to watch, why not let them?”

“Ahhh!” I gasped.

“In fact,” he whispered into my ear, “I think it turns you on to imagine that they’re watching. Hmmm? It makes you all wet, doesn’t it? To think that they can see your pussy? That they can see my finger fucking you?”

You’re the one who’s making me wet, I thought. You bastard!

He still held one of my wrists firmly up against the wall. I squirmed in his grip, as he kept masturbating me with great determination. Helplessly, I felt the sensations of pleasure building inside me. My juices flowed abundantly, trickling down the insides of my thighs. The owner smiled viciously.

Suddenly, he let go of my pussy.

“Turn around,” he said.

He grabbed my shoulders and made me stand with my back to him, then pushed me up against the shelves. Leather clothes were stacked right in front of my face, their potent scent once again filling my nostrils. Behind me, I heard him unzipping his leather pants.

Slowly the owner pulled down my panties, then bent down to pick them up, throwing them into the shelf in front of me. I stared at them, helplessly, realizing that my pussy was now naked and exposed.

“Spread your legs,” he said.

But before I had time to react, I felt it. The bulging head of his erect cock pushed against the mouth of my pussy.

“No…” I whispered.

This was insane! It had all happened so quickly – and now there was no stopping him. Whimpering, I felt him entering me, heard him grunting with lust, as he forced his hardened shaft into my flesh. Inch by inch he penetrated my pussy, stretching my cunt with his excited tool.

“Oh God!” I cried.

Trembling, I grabbed hold of the shelves in front of me, trying to steady myself. His cock slid in deeper and deeper, until…

“Ahhh…” he gasped and froze for a few seconds, the entire length of his cock buried inside my slit.

I bit my lip. Yes, I wanted him to fuck me. Wanted him to start pumping that fat, swollen cock into me,

Was I a bad girl? I thought. No, I was just a normal young woman with a healthy sexual drive. The shop owner just happened to push the right buttons. And God, did he make me horny!

And now, he began thrusting. He pulled back until I felt the head just inside my labia, then pushed forwards again, impaling me on his cock. And back and forth, back and forth. He grabbed my hair, forcing my head back, as he fucked me in deep, sensuous strokes.

“Yeah…” he whispered in my ear.

He was as turned on as I was. Imagine, a young, attractive woman like me putting up no resistance, willingly submitting herself to a man twice her age. And yet, the old libertine didn’t seem at all surprised. Perhaps he did this all the time? Perhaps he sexually assaulted any young woman that walked into his store?

I could care less. He was fucking me now, his long, rigid cock thrusting deep into my hungry slit. Right now he was fucking me – and that was all I wanted.

“Oh yes,” I moaned.

I felt it now: The rush of lustful sensations flowing through my body, making me writhe lasciviously. I was so wet now, my pussy made filthy slurping noises each time he entered me. And hearing that drove me crazy with lust. Yes, he was going to make me come. He was in control, and he knew it.

“Ahhh,” I moaned. “Don’t stop! Please…”

I heard the owner’s labored breathing, as he kept hammering his tool into me. I held on to the shelves, inhaling the smell of leather, feeling the massive cock poking me over and over and over.

“Aaah!” I cried. “Aaah!”

I came. A violent orgasm, my juicy pussy clenching his pumping tool. I wriggled my ass at him, his stiff rod touching every surface of my sensitive cunt.

“Ohmigod,” I gasped, out of breath.

The owner held still inside me, then suddenly pulled out.

“Take off your clothes,” he said.

I was still shaking, but I obeyed. There wasn’t much to take off – it was a hot day – but standing there naked in the middle of the shop was a strange sensation. Again I glanced at the shop window. No one there, but anyone walking by would be able to see us.

The owner stood behind the counter, his erect cock poking out from his leather trousers, glistening with my juices.

“Come here,” he said, patting the counter with his palm.

Hesitantly, I approached him. He produced a black leather motorcycle jacket and gently put it on me. It had a red satin lining that felt oddly cool against my naked skin. He patted the counter again, and I crawled up to lay on my back it. The smooth surface felt cold against my bare ass, making me shiver.

The owner gently parted my thighs with his gloved hands. I looked up and saw he was holding a strange object in his right hand: Shaped like a dildo, but completely covered in black leather. As I stared at it, he smiled and guided it in between my legs.

“Yes, my dear,” he said. “It’s my own invention. Let’s see how you like it.”

I gave a deep gasp, as I felt the leathery toy poking my pussy. It had the unmistakable feel of soft, thick, leather – but it seemed to have a harder core – wood perhaps. The owner slid the leather dildo deeper into me, staring intently at my face to judge my reaction.

I just lay there, helpless, overwhelmed by sensations of lustful pleasure. My mouth fell open – I couldn’t even speak. Smiling wickedly, he began moving the toy back and forth, slipping it in and out of my wet crevice. I whimpered in ecstasy, throwing myself about on the counter. If I had a leather fetish, this was perhaps the ultimate fantasy: Naked in a leather jacket, with the leather fucking me.

I grabbed the edges of the counter, gripping hard with both hands. The leather dildo thrust into me, slow and deep.

“Ahhh…” I cried. “Oh God…”

Suddenly, I saw him: Outside the window, a man stood motionless, watching us. A man in his thirties, in jeans and t-shirt, his eyes covered by dark sunglasses. But he was watching us. I knew it.

I tried to get up from the counter, but the owner placed his gloved hand on my breast and pushed me down, all the time fucking me with his leather dildo. He had seen the man, too – and now he was actually making sure he could see it all.

“Please…” I whispered. “I don’t want him to see…”

“Yes, you do,” the owner said. “I told you. You want him to watch. You want him to get turned on, seeing how hot and sexy you are. Don’t you?”

“Oh, please…”

I squirmed on the counter. But he was partly right. It did kinda turn me on, showing off my sexuality in this way. I was no longer the nice quiet girl – I was a sexual being, enjoying the pleasures my body offered. If that turned him on – if that made him hard – so much the better: More pleasure for the both of us. And of course he was enjoying it. Otherwise he wouldn’t be watching in the first place, would he?

I moaned lustfully on the counter, squeezing my breasts with both hands. The shop owner was masturbating shamelessly, one hand stimulating my cunt with the leather dildo, the other stroking his long, erect pole. He was very excited now, clear liquid dripping from the tip of his cock onto the floor.

I almost had another orgasm, but suddenly the owner pulled the dildo from my pussy, offering it to my mouth. I licked my juice from the leather toy, again tasting the intoxicating flavor of leather and love juice.

I expected the owner to crawl onto the counter and fuck me. But instead he pulled up a barstool with a black leather seat and sat down. He was still fully dressed in black leather jacket, trousers and gloves, with his hard-on sticking out from his fly, twitching with excitement.

“Come here,” he ordered.

I crawled off the counter and went over to the stool. Turning my back to the owner, I sat on his lap, guiding his long, hard cock into my pussy. I heard him grunting with pleasure as I slowly lowered myself, feeling his meat penetrate me. Again I looked towards the window. The man in sunglasses still stood there, watching us.

I began moving my pelvis up and down, letting the owner’s cock slip in and out of my slick pussy. I wriggled my ass, rotating on his lap, his cock poking every corner of my cunt. Gradually, I increased the tempo, bouncing up and down, riding his long, hard tool. I moaned with pleasure, clenching the shaft with my pussy muscles.

“Sit still!” he gasped.

I froze, the head of his cock just inside my labia. Then, holding on to the stool, he began thrusting his pelvis up and down, in and out of me. His leather pants brushed against my thighs with every stroke. He applied more force, driving his cock into my tender flesh with harder and harder strokes, making my entire body tremble.

“Ah!” I cried.

I was about to come. And I felt from the owner’s impatient motions that he was about to bring himself off, too. Faster and faster, his cock pierced my slit, driving me ever closer to another orgasm. I masturbated, massaging my hardened clit as he fucked me.

With glazed eyes, I looked towards the window. The man in the sunglasses still stood there, motionless, watching. Watching, as the owner drove his rigid cock up into my juicy cunt over and over. Watching, as I masturbated vigorously. And I think it was the feeling of being watched that finally drove me over the edge.

“Oh God!” I cried, as the orgasm hit me.

I sat down on the owner’s cock, as I came, feeling it impaling my excited flesh. His hands grabbed my breasts, squeezing them, as I trembled in ecstasy. I leaned back against his leather-clad body, savoring the rush of pleasure. Inside my pussy i felt his cock throbbing, ready to explode.

But, suddenly, he pushed me away.

I stood on the floor and turned around to watch him. He held his hard, glistening cock in his hand.

“Jerk me off!” he ordered.

I knelt down in front of him and took his cock in my hand. He groaned loudly at my touch, and I began masturbating him. The bluish helmet swelled, clear liquid trickling from its tip, wetting my fingers. The stiff shaft twitched uncontrollably.

“I’m coming!” he gasped.

The first powerful spurt of semen shot from his jerking cock – his white cream hit my cheek and spattered his black leather pants. He threw his head back, grabbing the seat of the stool. Again and again, long jets of sperm pumped from his cock. I opened my mouth, catching some of the drops, tasting the salty flavor. Soon, my face and his clothes were stained with his jism.

“Lick it up,” he ordered, as his ejaculation finally subsided.

He watched, smiling fiendishly, as I obediently began licking his sperm from the black leather. The mixture of flavors – semen and leather – turned me on, and I greedily licked and sucked his clothes clean, leaving them wet from my saliva.

I looked towards the window again – but the man in the sunglasses had gone. No doubt we’d given him an experience he was never going to forget. I bet he would often think back on the sight of the two of us fucking in the shop. And yes, once in a while he’d probably masturbate at the thought.

By the way, I bought the leather jacket – the owner let me have it really cheap.

And one day I will be going back to the store. I know I will. And it won’t be long.

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