Little Thief

Sex Story: Little Thief

Nervously, Rachel let her eyes wander over the shelves of the sex shop. It had been a difficult decision to enter here – and it still felt awkward. Very awkward. But she’d decided that now was the time: She was going to buy a vibrator.

One shelf was just porn films, another magazines: All covers showing large-breasted females in various states of undress – being fucked in bizarre positions by virile and well-endowed men.

Rachel turned around. Here – next to latex masks and handcuffs – the vibrators were lined up in transparent plastic boxes. Big, small, thick, thin – skin-coloured, steel, pink and purple. Her heart beat a little faster. The thought of using one turned her on – and she couldn’t wait to get home and try it.

The young, male shopkeeper sat behind the counter, unshaven, wearing a white t-shirt and jeans. He glanced over at Rachel – but discretely looked away again.

Rachel picked up a box. The vibrator was in pink plastic, not too big – almost like an average cock – and had three speeds. That would do. Now all she had do to was pay and get the hell out of the shop.

She walked towards the counter. The shopkeeper had his eyes on his computer screen, but as she approached, he looked at her quizzically.

She stopped. No – she couldn’t do it. It just felt too weird putting a sex toy on the counter in front of a guy her own age. She was certain he’d immediately picture her naked, vibrator between her legs, approaching an orgasm. How couldn’t he? And wouldn’t that turn him on?


Rachel looked around. The shopkeeper focused on his computer screen again. Oh, sure – she could have bought the thing online, as well. But right now she just wanted to get home and play with her new toy.

Discretely, she stepped behind a shelf and dropped the vibrator in her purse. Done. Taking a deep breath, she headed for the exit. Looking up, the shopkeeper nodded as she passed. She pushed the door open and walked out…

… and the alarm went off.

A piercing siren cut into Rachel’s eardrums. Panicking, she froze, her heart pound. The shopkeeper jumped up and grabbed her arm.

“What the fuck are you doing?”

Confused, Rachel gasped, unable to answer.

The shopkeeper pulled her back to the counter and pressed a button underneath it, turning off the alarm. The siren had been deafening, but the sudden silence was an almost greater shock.

The shopkeeper opened her purse and produced the vibrator. He sighed and shook his head.

“I-I’m sorry,” Rachel whispered. “I was going to…”

The door opened and a policeman entered. He was tall, with broad shoulders, wearing a uniform, cap and black leather gloves.

“What’s going on?” he asked.

“This lady tried to steal a vibrator,” the shopkeeper said, placing the box on the table.

“I-I didn’t mean to,” Rachel stuttered. “It’s all a mistake.”

The policeman opened the box and took out the vibrator. He tried to switch it on, but nothing happened.

“It needs batteries,” the shopkeeper said, opening a drawer beneath the counter.

He took out three large batteries, put them in the vibrator and screwed the lid back on. Then he passed it to the policeman. He switched it on and it made a buzzing noise.

“Hmmm,” the policeman said curiously.

He stood right next to Rachel.

“So we have a little thief here,” he said amiably.

Rachel felt the shopkeeper grabbing her upper arms, holding her with her back against the counter.

“What…?” she gasped.

The policeman lifted up her skirt and pushed the humming toy down into her panties.

“No…” she protested.

The policeman let the vibrator buzz against her clitoris, moving it around in little circles. Rachel’s legs jerked spasmodically. Next, the policeman slid the dildo over her labia. Gently, he pushed the tip of the vibrating toy into her cunt. She felt herself starting to get wet.

“Oh!” she gasped.

She writhed in the shopkeeper’s grip, but his strong hands held her in place. Helplessly she rubbed her behind against the counter, the vibrator buzzing inside her pussy.

The policeman pulled out the dildo, turned it off and placed it on the counter. Then he slipped two leather-clad fingers into her panties, forcing them up into her wet crevice.


He thrust the rough leather fingers in and out, in and out of her succulent cunt. She heard rhythmic slurping noises between her thighs and squirmed lasciviously in the shopkeeper’s grip.

As the policeman finger-fucked her with one hand, he grabbed her throat with the other, letting her feel the rough leather against her skin. He bit her lower lip hard, making her whimper.

“Yeah,” he whispered. “You little thief, you…”

Letting go of her, he unzipped his uniform pants. His cock was as hard as stone, long and thick. Rachel felt his leather gloves against the inside of her thighs, as he forced her legs apart. Then he grabbed his cock, pulled her panties to one side and placed the swelling head of his cock against her labia.

The policeman thrust his hips forwards, and she felt her pussy yielding. Slowly he pushed his fat cock up into her wet, slippery hole. His gloved hands grabbed her hips, and looking deep into her eyes, he began fucking her. Rachel felt her love juices flow lustfully around the policeman’s swollen cock, as he thrust up into her, hard and deep, over and over.

“Ohhh,” she moaned.

She shivered with lust. Every thrust of the policeman’s cock drove her closer to orgasm, and finally there was no turning back.

“Aaah!” she screamed. “I’m coming!”

Rachel wriggled in ecstasy as the two men held onto her. A violent orgasm surged through her entire body.

With a satisfied smile the policeman pulled his cock from Rachel’s cunt. Her juices dripped from the hard tool.

“Turn around,” he ordered.

The shopkeeper let go of Rachel’s arm. Her legs trembling, she turned her back to the policeman. Obediently, she bent down over the counter, sticking her ass in the air. The policeman swiftly pulled her panties down to her heels, and she willingly kicked them away. Spreading her legs, Rachel felt her pussy opening like a hungry mouth, ready to swallow the policeman’s horny cock.

But instead he slapped her buttock hard.


And now the other one.


Over and over he hit her soft buttocks hard with his leather-gloved hands.

Slap! Slap! Slap!

Rachel bit her lips. She loved a good spanking. She wriggled her ass lasciviously – getting wetter and wetter with every slap.

Finally, his gloved hands grabbed her hips hard. And she shivered with pleasure, as his cock entered her from behind.

“Yes…” she gasped. “Fuck me.”

The policeman started fucking Rachel in a slow, teasing rhythm. With every thrust he pulled nearly all the way out of her cunt – then buried the entire length inside her. And pulled and. And all the way in. Again and again and again.

With trembling hands Rachel grabbed the vibrator and switched it on. Then she guided the buzzing toy towards her cunt. Slowly she let the dildo circle her tiny, hard clit as the policeman pumped his cock into her juicy pussy.

The shopkeeper sat on his chair, his pants undone. His cock was completely erect – long, thin and curving slightly.

Oh my god, Rachel thought – now he wants me to suck him off.

But he didn’t. Calmly, he just sat there masturbating at the sight of Rachel getting fucked hard over his counter.

The policeman pulled off his gloves and threw them on the floor. Then he unbuttoned her blouse and grabbed Rachel’s firm, round breasts. He pinched both stiff nipples hard. She squirmed.

“Ow!” she cried.

But that, too, only increased her sensations of pleasure. Faster and faster the hard, wide cock thrust into her dripping wet cunt. And she felt another orgasm coming on.

The shopkeeper looked at her coldly, stroking his cock. The clear fluid seeped from its tip and flowed over his hand.

“Is it good?” he asked.

“Yeah…” Rachel whispered, beside herself with excitement.

“Yeah,” the shopkeeper murmured, stroking his cock like a madman. “A little thief like that. What a dirty, little whore. Needs to be fucked with a giant cock. Yeah…”

He let go of his cock, leaving it pointing straight out, ready to squirt. Rachel stared at it, fascinated. His balls contracted, becoming little, hairy globes – and his cock jerked and twitched like in a cramp. And finally the first long spray of semen erupted from it.

“Ah!” the shopkeeper yelled. “Ah!”

He grabbed his chair with both hands as spurt after spurt shot from his stiff, dancing cock. Long globs of white sperm landed on the shop floor.

Whether the sight of that did it – or the policeman’s pumping cock inside her cunt – or the buzzing vibrator on her clit – Rachel couldn’t fight it any longer.

“Ohmigod…” she gasped. “Ohmigod…”

Her second orgasm was even more powerful than the first on. She held on to the counter, as her screams of pleasure filled the sex shop.

”Aaah! Aaah!”

Rachel’s juices flowed around the policeman’s cock. Her pussy trembled spasmodically. She felt him thrust deep and hard into her a few more times. Then he held still, his cock swelling madly inside her.

“Yeah,” he grunted. “A little thief like that…”

Roaring like mad, the policeman ejaculated inside Rachel’s cunt. His massive cock jerked violently – and she felt his boiling hot semen spurting with incredible force deep into her sensitive insides. His orgasm just kept going, releasing what felt like a torrent of sperm.

The shopkeeper looked at her derisively, his long cock still half erect.

The policeman’s ejaculation subsided. He kept his cock deep inside Rachel’s pussy, letting her feel it twitch – the last, powerful jerks. Finally he pulled out – and she felt his thick semen flowing from her cunt and down the inside of her thighs. She sighed with contentment.

Quickly, the policeman zipped up his pants.

“Alright,” he said. “That settled it, then. Have a nice evening.”

And just like that, he exited the shop.

Confused, Rachel stood up, buttoning her blouse. She wiped off the juices with her panties and stuffed them into her purse.

“Yeah, yeah,” the shopkeeper said, pointing to the vibrator. “You can have it. As a token of my appreciation.”

Hesitantly, Rachel took the dildo and put it into her purse next to the soaked panties.

“Anything else I can help you with?” the shopkeeper asked.

Rachel stared at him. He still hadn’t zipped up his pants, and his cock was still half erect.

“I thought so,” he said sarcastically. “Anyway, I’m rather busy.”

With a few clicks of the mouse he brought up the shop’s surveillance cameras on his computer screen: Four different angles, two of them with a perfect view of the counter. Rachel froze.

The shopkeeper rewound to where the policeman entered the shop.

“Yeah, like that…” the shopkeeper gasped and started masturbating again.

Rachel ran out the door.

It was dark outside. Through the windows of the sex shop she could just make out the silhouette of the shopkeeper. Who was now masturbating to a video with her in it.

Rachel shook her head. What a night. Men were just plain crazy, that was for sure…

She headed straight home to bed. With her new toy.



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