The Beach

Sex story: The Beach

Joanna had the beach all to herself. She loved that.

The afternoon sun shone from a clear blue sky. It was hot, but not too hot – a mild breeze from the ocean cooled the air around her.

Joanna put down her book and sat up on her towel. She was topless, and absent-mindedly she stroked her round breasts with her hands. She lifted them up and looked down at them, smiling. For a thirty-something, she sure didn’t look too bad. When she dressed up sexy, the young boys still couldn’t take their eyes off her.

The waves rolled in from the sea, breaking and splashing over the sand. Joanna adjusted her sunglasses and looked around. Still no one to be seen. She slipped off her bikini bottoms, put them in her bag, and lay back naked.

The breeze caressed her skin, making her nipples hard. Oh, that felt good. She felt herself relaxing completely on the soft towel – the smell of salt water tickling her nostril. Closing her eyes, she felt a bit drowsy – but she wasn’t going to sleep. Someone might suddenly come along and find her. So no – she had to stay awake.

Feeling the heat of the sun and the coolness of the breeze on her skin, her mind drifted off. She remembered the young boys leering at her curves – imagined their vigorous, young members swelling inside their tight jeans. Blushing at the thought, she smiled. That should keep her awake. No sleeping, no…

“Now, that’s what I call a pair of tits!”

The loud male voice triggered fiendish laughter from a couple of other men.

Joanna struggled to open her eyes, confused. Oh, damn – she’d fallen asleep after all.

“Yeah,” another male voice answered. “They’re massive!”

“I wouldn’t mind squirting a load of cum over those knockers,” a deeper voice said. “She could lick it all up afterwards.”

The other men murmured their approval: “Yeah, I bet she’d love that.”

There were three of them, standing over her, wearing swimming trunks. One was blond and muscular, one was bald and skinny, and the last one had darker skin and curly hair. All three were probably in their mid-twenties – several years younger than her. They just stood there grinning, ogling her naked body.

Joanna covered her breasts and crotch with her hands.

“Who are you?” she asked, her voice breaking. “What the hell do you think you’re doing?”

She tried to sit up, but the dark man placed his foot on her shoulded, pinning her down.

“Ow!” she cried. “Stop it.”

The other men grinned.

“Aw,” the blond one said, “don’t be shy. You’re too damn hot to be shy.”

“Yeah,” the dark man said in his deep voice, “if you got it, flaunt it. Flaunt the fuck out of it!”

Joanna tried struggling away, but the blond and the bald man grabbed her feet and started dragging her toward the water. She tried kicking them away, but they pulled her off her towel, dragging her on her back through the hot sand.

“No!” she cried. “What are you… ? No!”

The dark man followed right behind them, as his two friends pulled her all the way down to the water’s edge. Joanna felt the waves lapping over her legs.

“A bit further,” the bald man said.

They adjusted her position, then forced her legs apart. She felt the next wave splash over her exposed pussy.

Joanna gasped.

She’d sometimes played that game herself when she was alone on the beach. If there was a decent breeze – like today – the waves would lick at her clit like a soft, wet tongue. She would lie back, letting the ocean stimulate her. Once or twice that had been enough to make her come – but ususally she would have to help it along: The arousal would become too tense to endure, and she’d have to gently stroke her clit – and seconds later a powerful orgasm would surge through her body.

In fact, that was probably her favourite way of masturbating. But she couldn’t think of that now! Not now – when two strange men held her down, forcing her legs apart. But the sensation was the same: The weight of the waves, the warm water splashing over her most sensitive flesh.

Helplessly, Joanna looked down at her pussy: The pink folds of her sex, opening slightly, as another wave washed over it – and another – and another. She tried to protest, but her voice failed her.

“No – please,” she whispered.

The fabric of the bald man’s blue swimming trunks had stretched outwards, pointing and twitching.

Breathing heavily, he held on to Joanna’s foot with one hand and pulled off his trunks with the other, throwing them up on the beach. His cock was long, pale and fully erect, his balls hairless, cleanshaven.

The two men holding her watched her intently, probably wanting to detect any excitement. Joanna tried to fight it, but the waves licking her clit felt just as good as when she was alone. Maybe (but no – she couldn’t even think about it, yet still – maybe) the men watching her added to her arousal.

Closing her eyes, she lay back on the sand, moaning quietly.

“How about this one?” the dark man’s voice asked.

Joanna looked up. Standing at the water’s edge, the dark man held up a slim, silvery fish, about two feet in length. He held it by its tail, the fish struggling and squirming in his grip.

The other men just laughed, now grabbing her feet with both hands,

The dark man came over and knelt down next to her.

“You fucking pervert,” the blond man said, grinning.

Joanna stared at the fish, as the dark man gripped it with two hands: One just behind the gills, the other near its tail. Its mouth gaped and closed, gaped and closed, as he put its head to Joanna’s lips.

“Kiss it,” he said.

Joanna’s mouth was dry – the waves lapped between her legs, teasing her, slowly edging her to new levels of pleasure. But … this? Pouting, she obediently kissed the head of the slippery fish.

“Okay…” the dark man said, smiling fiendishly.

The other men held on to her feet, pinning her down in the wet sand with all their strength, the bald man’s cock jerking and twitching.

Gripping the fish tight, the dark man guided its head toward Joanna’s pussy. She felt the scaly head entering her flesh, its jaws opening and closing inside her.

“What?” she gasped. “No!”

She tried kicking, but the two men were too strong. Helplessly, she shook her head and banged her fists on the wet sand.

Slowly, the dark man eased the fish deeper into her. He let go of the grip by the gills and pushed it in further.

“Aaah!” she cried.

Joanna felt the slippery fish struggling and twitching inside her, little fins scraping at her tender flesh. The dark man’s eyes gleamed with lust as he pushed the fish in as deep as it would go. He held on to it, its tail beating wildly between her legs.

She gasped loudly, exhaled, and gasped again. Every inch of her pussy felt the wet, scaly muscle twitching wildly inside her, as the fish fought for its life.

Whimpering, Joanna tried to fight off the sensations – but by now it was too late. Trembling all over, she arched her back and gave in.

“Aaah!” she cried as she climaxed, “aaah!”

She thrashed about on the sand, the orgasm surging through every fibre of her body like tingling electricity. Juices gushed from her pussy, flowing around the fish still struggling inside her.

Slowly, the dark man pulled the fish out of her slit. Ever so slowly, making sure she felt every inch of the scaly creature’s exit.

“Oh my god,” she whispered.

The dark man held up the fish by its tail, still twitching, but now dripping wet with Joanna’s juices.

“Kiss it again,” he whispered, offering it to her mouth.

Whimpering, Joanna kissed the fish.

“Lick it!” the blond man shouted.

Joanna stuck out her tongue and licked the head of the fish. It tasted of salt water and her own pussy juice. Like a mermaid, she thought…

She felt the two men letting go of her feet – probably aware that she was too exhausted to put up a fight.

“Okay,” a voice said, breathing heavily, “are you ready for this, honey?”

Joanna looked up and saw the bald man throwing himself in between her legs. Grabbing his cock in his hand, he brutally forced it all the way into her succulent cunt.

“Aaah!” she screamed.

Mad with excitement, he started hammering his cock into her in a furious rhythm.

“Yeah!” he shouted, “Oh, that’s good! Oh, that’s so good!”

He grabbed her wrists, pinning her down on the sand. Joanna struggled, whimpering. The two other men stood around them, clapping and yelling:

“Fuck her! Give it to her good!”

“Oh yeah,” the bald man gasped, pulling out and showing off his cock, hard and swollen, drenched in Joanna’s juices. “Just look at that! It’s hard as fuck!”

The blond man knelt down beside them, sniffing her pussy.

“Fuck yeah,” he gasped. “I wanna taste it. Let me taste that pussy.”

“Right,” the bald man said. “Open your mouth.”

Joanna watched in astonishment. As the blond man opened his mouth, the bald man forced his erect cock in between his lips. The blond man began sucking it eagerly, making loud slurping sounds.

“Yeah?” the bald man shouted. “Can you taste that pussy? Can you taste it?”

Throwing his head back, he began thrusting his hard cock in and out of the blond man’s mouth.

“Yeah,” he gasped. “Hell yeah…”

The dark man knelt down on the other side of Joanna, slipped his fingers down to her clit and began masturbating her.

“Ahhh…” she moaned.

“Fuck, you’re wet,” the dark man said, slipping off his trunks.

His cock was even darker, long and hard. He stroked it carefully a couple of times, then lay on top of Joanna. She felt her pussy stretching around his shaft, as he entered her.

“Ohhh…” she said.

Slowly, the dark man began fucking her. She felt the stiff member moving inside her, massaging the tender walls of her flesh. But her eyes were fixed on the sight of the blond man sucking the bald man’s cock. The bald man grabbed the blond man’s hair, pumping vigorously into his mouth – and Joanna heard every wet, slippery sound of each thrust.

The dark man increased his pace, fucking her hard and deep in an insistent rhythm. Grunting with desire, he grabbed her throat, turning her face towards him.

“Look at me,” he gasped. “Look at me.”

Obediently Joanna opened her eyes wide (she realized she still had her sunglasses on) and stared helplessly into the dark man’s eyes. They were gleaming with lust, as he thrust his long, hard cock in and out of her soft, tender pussy.

Joanna whimpered, feeling another orgasm approaching.

“Are you coming?” he asked. “Are you?”

He fucked her faster and faster, thrusting into her with superhuman strength, making her sob and mewl with unbearable pleasure. The dark man was sweating now, his cock swelling and twitching inside her.

The blond man was no longer sucking the bald man’s cock. He, too, had slipped off his trunks, revealing a thick, muscular erection. And now both he and the bald man stood over them, watching the spectacle, masturbating at the sight of the dark man savagely fucking Joanna.

“Come on!” he shouted, pumping her into an oblivion of ecstasy. “Come on!”

“Aaah!” she screamed, writhing uncontrollably on the sand, as she came. “Aaah!”

Grabbing his ass with both hands, she thrust her pelvis against his, letting him go even deeper. Almost fainting from her climax, she felt her juices flowing abundantly around his relentless cock. And finally, Joanna knew it was over.

Burying his twitching cock deep inside her cunt, the dark man froze, throwing his head back in ecstasy.

“Aaah!” he yelled. “Fuuuck! Yeaaah!”

His cock swelled madly inside her and started ejaculating. Spurt after spurt of thick, boiling semen erupted from his cock. He kicked and flailed about, as his jerking tool filled her cunt full of sticky, white spunk.

The dark man’s orgasm seemed to last forever. But finally, the ejaculations subsided, his cock still hard inside her, slippery with Joanna’s juices and his own plentiful semen.

He slowly slipped out, breathing heavily, his cock dripping. Joanna could still see the mad lust in his eyes, as if not even his violent climax had been enough to satisfy him.

“Hold her down!” he shouted to the two others.

Both of them swiftly knelt down and pinned her shoulders to the sand.

The fish still lay twitching at the water’s edge. The dark man picked it up and swiftly dipped it in the sea, washing off the sand. His eyes gleaming, he turned to look at Joanna, the fish struggling in his grip.

“Hi honey,” he grinned viciously. “Remember your little friend?”

Joanna stared at the two men holding her, struggling violently in their grip.

“That’s it!” she shouted. “Let me go! That’s an order!”

“Shut up!” the dark man said. “You don’t know what’s good for you.”

The dark man knelt down between her legs and forced the floundering fish up into her cunt. It slid with ease through the slippery mix of semen and pussy juice. Joanna gasped, as she felt it twitching inside her. Holding onto its tail, he pulled it out, then pushed it back in, then out, then in.

“Yeah?” he said. “You like that, right? You’re gonna come again?”

He left the fish inside her. Joanna stared in disbelief at its tail, sticking out of her pussy, whipping madly between her thighs. And inside her, the entire length of the creature struggled harder than ever, its scaly, muscular body teasing the inside of her tender flesh.

“You bastard…” she whispered. “I … I can’t…”

The bald man knelt down beside her.

“Open your mouth,” he said, pointing his long, erect cock at her face.

As Joanna opened wide, the blond man stood behind him and grabbed his cock, masturbating it.

“Yeah,” the bald man gasped. “Jerk me off.”

“I’m gonna make you come in her mouth,” the blond man said. “She’s gonna love that. Get in closer.”

The bald man leant forward, his cock getting closer and closer to Joanna’s mouth, until it finally touched her lips. His eyes were wide open, his cock swelling and twitching in the blond man’s fist.

“That’s it,” he said.”Keep going. Make me come.”

Joanna closed her lips around the bald man’s helmet, sucking and slurping, as the blond man vigororusly massaged its shaft with two fingers. The fish kept squirming inside her, jerking her ever closer to yet another orgasm. She closed her eyes.

One more violent spasm of the fish inside Joanna’s pussy – and she couldn’t help herself anymore.

“Mmm!” she said, her climactic cry stifled by the bald man’s cock.

She squirmed lasciviously in the sand, as the orgasm washed over her. Once again, she almost fainted from pleasure, her entire body trembling, electrified.

Gasping with excitement, the bald man began thrusting the head of his cock in and out of Joannas mouth.

“Ah!” he shouted. “Here it comes. Unnnh…”

Joanna felt the fat cock swelling madly, releasing the first spurt of sticky, white semen into her mouth. The blond man kept stroking the shaft furiosly, forcing the jerking cock to ejaculate again and again, pumping hot jets of spunk into her throat and onto her tongue. She looked the bald man in the eyes as she swallowed moutful after moutful of salty sweet spunk.

The dark man pulled he fish from Joanna’s pussy and threw it back into the ocean.

The bald man pulled out of Joanna’s mouth, his cock dripping juice onto the wet sand. Both men sat down next to her, watching.

The sun was sinking now, covering the beach in deep, warm, orange colours.

The blond man knelt down between Joanna’s legs, his thick cock swollen and erect. Without a word, he placed its head against her labia. Then, slowly, he pushed forward.

Joanna gasped. She felt her flesh yielding and stretching around his unusual girth. Gradually, he sunk the entire length of his cock into her. Like a fist, she thought – or like at least two cocks at once.

She reached for her clit and began to masturbate, trying to make herself as wet as possible. She was afraid it might hurt otherwise.

The blond man pulled out almost all the way, his massive shaft glistening with juice. And then…

“Ow!” she screamed, as he plunged in hard all the way.

He thrust again – and again, each stroke deeper and harder than before.

“Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!” he yelled in time with his relentless rhythm.

Joanna whimpered helplessly. She felt how the sheer force of his brutal thrusts pushed her ass deeper into the sand.

“Oh God,” she gasped.

The other two men cheered and clapped, their cocks still semi-erect.

“Yeah, like that”, the dark man said. “Give it to her good.”

“Your tits,” the blond man suddenly gasped. “I like your big fucking tits.Play with them, honey. Play with them for me.”

Obediently, Joanna grabbed her breasts with both hands, squeezing and kneading them. She let him watch as she played with her nipples, which were already as hard as pebbles. The blond man’s eyes were mad with lust.

“Yeah,” he said, fucking her savagely with his fat cock. “Like that. I want to cum all over them.”

Joanna closed her eyes, gasping. The sheer width of his cock felt so good inside her, poking and stretching the entire depth of her cunt. She wasn’t going to be able to resist much longer.

“Look at that!” the bald man said, laughing. “She’s gonna come again.”

Sweating and gasping, the blond man increased his effort, hammering his cock into Joanna’s pussy with all his strength. And with a few more vigorous thrusts, he finally made her come.

This time her orgasm wasn’t nearly as violent as before. It was a slow, deep surge, starting in her pussy, and slowly spreading through every fibre of her body, making it glow. The sensation of pleasure just seemed to grow and grow. Her mouth wide open, Joanna gasped, digging her fingers into the wet sand, shaking uncontrollably for several minutes.

“Ohhh … ohhh…” she whimpered, tears of joy running down her cheeks.

“Are you ready?” the dark man asked.

The blond man nodded, out of breath, and pulled his swollen cock from Joanna’s cunt. The dark man immediately grabbed it in his fist, pointing it at Joanna’s breasts and stroking it in a hard, fast rhythm.

“Aaah!” the blond man yelled. “I’m coming. Aaah!”

“Are you ready for some cum on your tits, honey?” the dark man asked, still masturbating his friend’s cock. “Here it comes, baby.”

Roaring like an animal, the blond man froze as the orgasm hit him. A spurt of semen shot from his bone-hard cock, and Joanna felt it hitting her breasts, hot and sticky, as the dark man masturbated the blond man’s ejaculating cock. She kept massaging her breasts, as jet after jet of thick, white semen hit her breasts and her fingers.

As the blond man’s ejaculation subsided, the dark man let go of his cock. The three men stood around her, savouring the sight of the beautiful, naked woman, still writhing in ecstasy on the beach. For a while, they were quiet, then they each picked their swimming trunks from the sand.

“How about a swim?” the bald man said.

And without a word, the three men walked out into the sea.

At the water’s edge, Joanna lay, relaxed, looking out at the sunset.

She ran her hands over her body, touching her breasts, her belly, her thighs. Finally, her fingers found her clit – and gently, slowly, began stroking it.

Further out in the water, the three men stood washing off sweat and semen. But if they’d looked back at the beach, they’d seen Joanna lying at the waters edge – naked and masturbating.

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