The Kitchen

Sex story: “The Kitchen”

“But have you even looked at her?” Luigi the Italian chef asked, stirring the saucepan. “I mean, really looked at her?”

“Sure,” Bobby the waiter said. “She’s really cute!”

Luigi banged the saucepan on the stove.

“Cute?” he hissed. “She’s hot. So hot I can’t stand it.”

They stood in the restaurant kitchen discussing the new waitress. Her name was Taylor – a tall, sexy blonde with a cool attitude. And she looked really good in her waitress uniform. So good, in fact, that the restaurant were suddenly having a rush of male customers. No doubt the guys mainly came to drool over Taylor – but it was good for business.

“C’mon, Luigi,” Bobby said. “Get a grip. We’re busy.”

“But I can’t concentrate,” Luigi gasped. “I’m getting a hard-on just thinking about her.”

He poured the vegetables from the saucepan onto the two plates, next to the meat. Just as he was finished, Taylor entered the kitchen. She was a tall girl, slightly taller than Luigi.

“Are they ready?” she said, brushing her hair from her face.

“Yes,” Luigi said.

As Taylor took the plates and turned towards the door, he grabbed her arm, stopping her.

“Wait!” he said.

“What?” Taylor said, turning around, plates in her hands. “I’m really busy, you know.”

“Taylor,” Luigi said. “You’re so sexy.”

“Right,” Taylor said. “Thanks. You’re quite finished now?”

”I want you,” Luigi gasped.

Taylor sighed.

“Listen,“ she said. “Do you really think you can handle me?”

“I’ll show you my cock!” Luigi said.

“Okay,” Taylor said, unperturbed, putting the plates down on the table. “If you want to.”

Trembling, Luigi tore off his apron. His erection was clearly visible inside his pants. Then he unzipped his fly and pulled out his cock. It was quite large and almost totally erect.

“Mmm,” Taylor said. “That’s impressive. So what do you intend to do with that thing?”

“I want to fuck you!” Luigi said, slowly stroking his cock.

“Yeah right,” Taylor sighed. “As if you’d even dare.”

“Bobby,” Luigi said. “Serve the food. I’m gonna take care of Taylor.”

Bobby took the plates and carried them into the restaurant. For the first time, Taylor smiled. A tiny, sarcastic smile.

“Show me your tits,” Luigi commanded.

And looking him straight in the eyes, Taylor unbuttoned her blouse. She wasn’t wearing a bra, and Luigi grunted with satisfaction as she exposed her shapely breasts to him. Taylor grabbed her breasts and slowly began to massage them, sensuously licking her lips.

“You like my tits?” she whispered.

“They’re beautiful,” Luigi sighed.

Still kneading her breasts, Taylor pinched her nipples, making them stand out, erect and excited.

“I want to see your pussy,” Luigi gasped.

Letting go of her breasts, Taylor slowly undid her apron and took it off. Then she pulled down her short, black skirt. She was wearing black lace panties. Luigi kept stroking his cock, making it stiff as a pole.

Taylor pulled off her panties, exposing her pussy. A cute, pink slit, crowned by a tuft of fine, blonde hair. Luigi stared at it lustfully.

“Yeah,” Luigi whispered, ”lovely pussy. Now… touch yourself.”

Taylor sat down on the edge of the kitchen table, licking her fingers. Then, still looking straight into Luigi’s eyes, she began stroking her pussy. Luigi stared at her, muttering to himself, his erect cock dripping fluid onto the kitchen floor.

“Like this?” Taylor asked.

“Do it the way you like it best,” Luigi gasped. “I wanna watch you masturbate. Until you come.”

Moaning quietly, Taylor increased her rhythm, massaging her pussy vigorously. She felt herself getting wet now. And the thought of herself masturbating in the kitchen in front of Luigi made her even more excited.

“Yes,” she whispered. “Look at me, Luigi. Keep looking. Ahhh…”

Taylor inserted one finger into her slippery pussy. And then another. Whimpering with pleasure, she thrust her fingers in and out, in and out, fucking herself in a fast, relentless rhythm. Luigi was masturbating at the sight.

Suddenly, Bobby returned to the kitchen. He smiled, as he saw Taylor, half naked and masturbating on the kitchen table, while Luigi was jacking off at the sight.

“Okaaay,” Bobby said. “Looks like you two are getting to know each other.”

“Look at me, Bobby,” Taylor gasped, poking herself with trembling fingers. “Look at my pussy. Ohmigod. Ah.”

“Yes,” Bobby said. “Very nice. So, Luigi, weren’t you going to fuck her? She looks like she’s ready.”

“I want her to come first,” Luigi said, stroking his rock-hard cock.

“And I’m…” Taylor said. “Oh God. I’m coming!”

Squealing with pleasure, she fell back on the table.

“Aaah!” she cried. “Aaah!”

Shaking all over, she buried her fingers inside her cunt, savoring the ecstasy. As she pulled them out, juice gushed from her slit.

“Alright,” Bobby said. “She’s a squirter.”

“And I’m gonna fuck her!” Luigi said. “Right now.”

He quickly pulled off his pants and climbed onto the table.

“Spread your legs!” he ordered. “Spread them wide!”

Obediently, Taylor spread her legs, her wet labia parting slightly. Luigi assumed the position between her legs. And without touching his cock, he guided it towards the mouth of her cunt. Taylor moaned as she felt his bulging helmet pressing against her pussy-lips.

“Oh God! Give it to me!” she whimpered, pushing her pelvis up towards his swollen tool. “I want your big, lovely cock inside me!”

“This is it!” Luigi gasped. “Now take my fucking cock!”

He thrust forwards, his erect cock penetrating the depths of Taylor’s slick pussy.

“Aaah!” she cried.

Luigi had buried the entire length of his hard shaft inside her in one powerful stroke. Then he held still, feeling her soft cunt muscles clenching around his cock.

“Yeah,” he whispered. “This is good fucking pussy!”

Taylor stared at him, her mouth open wide. Feeling his cock inside her, she wanted to touch herself again. With two fingers she massaged the flesh around her clitoris. She moaned.

“She’s one hot little bitch,” Bobby said. “Now fuck her! Fuck her good!”

“Yes,” Taylor begged. “Fuck me!”

Luigi slowly pulled back, slipping his glistening cock all the way out of Taylor’s pussy. Then he thrust back in – a hard, fast stroke.

“Aaah!” Taylor cried.

“Yeah,” Bobby said, excited. “You like that, bitch? Do it again, Luigi!”

And he did: Slowly back, all the way out, and bang! Buried it to the root in one savage blow.

“Aaah!” she cried again.

Luigi did it over and – relentless, powerful thrusts, penetrating the depths of her tender pussy. Again. And again. And again.

“Oh God!” she screamed. “Aaah!”

Bobby felt his cock hardening as he watched them. He stood right next to Taylor, whispering into her ear:

“Yeah – you like that. Don’t you, you filthy little slut?”

Then Luigi changed his pace. He began fucking her with steady, sensual strokes, pumping his rigid cock back and forth inside her succulent cunt. Taylor squirmed lasciviously on the kitchen table, moaning with pleasure.

Luigi grabbed her thighs, pulling her body towards him. His cock kept entering her, deeper and deeper, his swollen shaft stretching her soft flesh with every thrust.

“Ooh!” Taylor gasped in time with his thrusting cock, “ooh! Ooh!”

Suddenly, Luigi pulled out and jumped down off the table. His erect, reddened cock twitched in front of him, as he pulled off his shirt and pants.

“Turn around!” he ordered. “Gonna screw you like a dog!”

Shaking all over, Taylor climbed down and bent over the kitchen table, her shapely behind turned towards Luigi. Grinning, Luigi stood behind her, stroking his cock. Then he guided it into her slick pussy from behind.

“Aaah…” Taylor moaned, feeling every inch of the throbbing tool, as it buried itself inside her cunt.

Luigi’s face was red and sweaty from the strain. Slowly, he began moving, pumping his excited cock in and out, in and out of Taylor’s dripping slit. He grabbed her ass, thrusting away at her, making her whimper with lust.

“Yeah,” Bobby gasped, “like that! Fuck her real good!”

Bobby threw off his apron, unzipped, and pulled out his cock. By now it was long and stiff, and he began stroking it, watching Luigi fuck Taylor on the table.

“Oh God,” Taylor whispered. “Come here.”

Slowly, Bobby walked towards her. She reached for his hardened cock, pulling him towards her. Then she opened her mouth and guided his rigid pole in between her lips.

“Yeah,” Bobby grunted. “ Suck my cock, you little slut.”

Obediently, Taylor began sucking. Bobby’s erection grew, hot and throbbing inside her mouth. He began rocking back and forth, sliding his cock in and out between her lips. Taylor sucked it vigorously, making loud, slurping noises that turned him on even more.

Luigi kept thrusting deeper and harder, savagely pumping away at her juicy cunt. Taylor’s entire body started trembling, as another climax approached. She wanted to scream, but Bobby’s cock filled her mouth. As she tried to push him away, he forced his tool almost down her throat. And still, Luigi kept fucking her, until she helplessly succumbed to her orgasm.

“Mmm!” she screamed, “Mmm!”

Taylor almost fainted with pleasure, her young body thrashing about on the table.

“Yeah, baby,” Bobby grinned. “You’re getting fucked tonight, huh?”

Luigi’s face was bright red. His cock was throbbing, swelling inside Taylor, ready to explode.

“Here I come, baby,” he gasped. “Take this! Hunhhh!”

Luigi gave one last powerful thrust, then held still deep inside her pussy, as he began ejaculating. Taylor could have screamed again, as she felt his hard cock contracting, shooting the first long spurt of semen into her. Luigi held still, grunting and gasping, his orgasming cock pumping jet after jet of piping hot sperm into Taylor’s tender pussy.

The thought of Luigi ejaculating inside Taylor made Bobby even more excited. He pumped his cock into Taylor’s mouth like a madman, until he, too, had to surrender.

“Take this,” he gasped, pulling out of her mouth.

Bobby’s cock jerked violently, shooting the first long spurt of semen across Taylor’s cheek. He masturbated, pointing his cock straight at her face. Another jet of sperm shot into her mouth, then another, and another. Gasping and grunting, Bobby kept stroking his cock, squirting white, sticky spunk across the exhausted girl’s face.

Eventually, his ejaculation came to an end. Breathing hard, he masturbated the last drops of semen from his cock. Then he leaned back against the kitchen table, catching his breath.

Luigi held still for a while, his cock growing soft inside Taylor’s juicy cunt. Slowly he slid out, dripping semen onto the kitchen floor. Then he zipped up.

“Okay,” he said. “Now get in there and serve them dessert!”

Still out of breath from her last orgasm, Taylor stumbled to her feet. She grabbed for her panties and began pulling them on.

“No!” Luigi said. “Naked!”

Taylor stared at him. And again she flashed that tiny, nasty smile. She grabbed a towel and wiped the spunk from her face and pussy.

“Okaaay,” she said. “So what’s for dessert?”

“You,” Luigi said. “I bet those two guys would like a taste of pussy, too.”

“Ha!” Bobby laughed. “She wouldn’t dare.”

Taylor glared at him.

“You just watch me,” she hissed.

And naked, Taylor slowly walked into the restaurant.

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