The Policeman

Sex story: The Policeman

Brad pulled the car over to the side of the deserted highway and stopped.

“Are you okay?” he asked. Nikki just nodded.

Brad leaned back in the driver’s seat and sighed. It had been hours since the robbery, and only now they could finally relax.

“Did anyone follow us?” Nikki asked quietly.

“I don’t think so,” Brad said. “No.”

He thought he’d heard the sound of a motorcycle. But there was no need to make Nikki upset. It had been her first job, and she was pretty nervous as it was.

Brad opened the car door and got out onto the road.

“Don’t you feel like a breath of fresh air?” he asked.

Vicky nodded again, but she just opened the door and remained seated.

Brad stopped in the tracks. There was that engine sound again. And before he had time to react, it was too late: A police motorbike came over the hill and stopped right next to him.

He glanced at the car. Nikki was petrified. But what could they do?

The policeman got off the motorcycle, smiling wickedly at Brad.

“What is… ?” Brad tried.

“You just come along here,” the policeman snarled, pulling him towards the car.

He pushed Brad onto the driver’s seat, handcuffed him to the door and slammed it shut.

“Brad!” Nikki cried.

“Right,” the policeman said. “I know who you guys are. And I could get you locked up just like that. But…”

He grabbed Nikki’s wrists and pulled her out of the car.

” … I’m a reasonable guy. If you know what I mean.”

Nikki snorted with rage and tried to twist herself out of the policeman’s grip.

“There, honey. We don’t want any trouble, do we?”

Smiling fiendishly, the policeman lifted Nikki up, placing her on her back on the hood of the car.

Helplessly, Brad watched the policeman as he lifted up her short skirt, exposing her soft, shapely thighs. Then he got hold of Nikki’s panties and quickly pulled them down over her heels, finally throwing them out onto the road.

“Nikki,” Brad exclaimed.

The policeman knelt down next to the car. His face was next to her exposed pussy, and he sniffed it greedily.

“Nooo,” Nikki whimpered.

“There, baby,” he whispered. “I won’t hurt you.”

Brad watched helplessly as the policeman’s fingers carefully pulled Nikki’s pussy lips apart. Barely touching her pussy with his tongue, he cautiously started licking her. His tongue teased her clit, now pressing itself into her slit and then licking the folds of her labia with lustful wetness.

“No,” she moaned again. Softer this time.

“You asshole!” Brad hissed, but the policeman kept going.

Even more greedily, he slurped eagerly, pressing his mouth against Nikki’s wide-open pussy. Slobbering like an animal, he drank the hot juice flowing from her pussy, making her moan helplessly and throw her body around on the hood of the car.

No doubt about it, Brad thought: She was randy as hell. Lying here in broad daylight getting licked out by a strange cop, who didn’t even bother to take off his sunglasses or his helmet. Goddamn! The next thing you knew, he’d probably pull out his cock and fuck her…

As the policeman thickened his tongue, soft and swollen it filled Nikki’s hot crevice. Then, ever so slowly, he pulled it out again. Panting with excitement, she waited impatiently as he thoughtfully savoured the spicy taste of her love juice.

Then, finally, he let the wet tip of his tongue touch her burning clit. Teasing her, he let his tongue wriggle about on the tender button, exciting her with incredible precision. Nikki felt like he went on forever. She squirmed lasciviously on the hood, rocking the entire car.

“Mmm, yeah…” she whispered.

The policeman stood up and pulled his pants off.

Nikki gasped at the size of his cock. She’d been around, but that thing had to be at least ten inches long – and it was still only half erect. Her mouth went dry.

“No!” Brad cried.

He couldn’t bear the thought of watching his girlfriend getting fucked with that monster cock. Furiously, he yanked at the handcuffs, but it was no use: He was chained to the car door.

Smiling derisively, the policeman looked at him. Nikki, too, turned her head, looking at her boyfriend through the windscreen. Her eyes were misty. Lustful.

Now the policeman took his huge member in his hand and started masturbating. With his other hand, he took off his sunglasses.

“Look at me,” he grunted.

Obediently, Nikki looked at him – and he looked deep into her eyes, as he slid his foreskin back and forth, stroking up and down the shaft until the giant cock was hard as steel.

With one powerful move he turned Nikki over, placing her face down on the hood facing Brad. Shit! Seemed like the goddamn pervert wanted him to sit here and watch as he fucked his girlfriend. Looking her right in the face as he fucked her brains out, while he was stuck here, unable to move. Son of a bitch!

The policeman assumed the position behind Nikki, letting a fingertip slide into her hot pussy. His long cock pointed straight up right above the rounded cheeks of her lovely ass.

“Okay, baby,” he said, in an almost cheerful sort of way. “This is it.”

Nikki held her breath, as the policeman grabbed his cock and placed it at the moist mouth of her cunt. She felt the swollen, smooth helmet slide in between her pussy lips. And the policeman gasped low, almost inaudibly.

Slowly the enormous cock plowed further and further into Nikki’s pussy, and she whimpered quietly, as his entire length finally slid into her. Eagerly, she rubbed her tender clit to lubricate herself even more.

The policeman was trembling with excitement, and for a moment held his cock immobile in her pussy. Nikki opened her eyes and met Brad’s gaze. Cheeks glowing, he stared at her furiously.

Nikki hadn’t felt the policeman slowly pulling his cock out of her. But the next moment she suddenly received the first deep thrust from his long, rock hard member. Surprise and lust made her moan deep and loud.

“Ohhh,” she cried, right in front of Brad.

By now the policeman was fucking her with a vengeance. Grunting, he pumped his cock in and out of Nikki. She arched her back, her breasts grazing the metal of the hood, and looked back over her shoulder. The policeman was sweating from the strain, his eyes closed in deep concentration. He let the entire length of his cock slip out of her with every thrust.

Nikki fell back onto the hood of the car, her entire body trembling, as the policeman’s cock pumped tirelessly in and out of her aching pussy. And she felt it now: She was about to come. She

held on to the car, close to losing control over her body.

Hesitantly, Nikki lifted her head and looked inside the car at Brad. He stared back at her with glazed eyes and a dirty grin.

With his free hand he had unzipped his pants and now sat there masturbating, watching his girlfriend get brutally fucked.

Nikki gasped loudly. The policeman thrust his giant cock in and out of her pussy, and there Brad sat, shamelessly caressing his hard member right before her eyes. She couldn’t hold back any longer.

“Ohh, ohh, mmm, yeah…”

Nikki’s hot juices gushed around the policeman’s cock as she came. It was a violent orgasm, throwing her about on the hood of the car.

But mercilessly, the policeman kept fucking, and Brad was standing halfway up, showing off his swelling erection to her. Masturbating in Nikki’s face as the brutal policeman drove her to her climax really turned him on.

Suddenly Nikki felt the policeman’s wet cock slide out of her.

“How about it, pal,” he said with a dirty grin. “Wanna get some, too? Damn, she’s a randy bitch!”

Then he grabbed Nikki, opened the car door, and threw her across the empty seat.

“Suck his cock, honey,” the policeman ordered.

With tears in her eyes, Nikki opened her mouth to Brad’s erect cock.

“Yeah, suck my cock,” Brad grunted lustfully.

Carefully, Nikki let her wet tongue lick around his helmet, tasting the clear fluid already running from the tip. But impatiently Brad grabbed her hair and thrust his cock all the way into her mouth. The cock was swelling and throbbing as he brutally pumped it in and out of her wet mouth again and again.

The sight of this must have been too much for the policeman to bear. Uttering a low grunt, he plunged his long cock into Nikki’s pussy from behind. Her head was spinning. She hadn’t recovered from her violent orgasm, and already the two rutting men were at it again.

The two cocks pumped away inside her, each in its own wild, animalrhythm: Poor, horny Brad in her mouth and the policeman’s hard giant cock in her pussy. She heard them gasping from the strain and sensed the strong odor of their sweat. She was gonna make them squirt their brains out!

Nikki let her wet lips slurp loudly around Brad’s cock and kinkily ground her ass against the policeman’s abdomen. Reaching between her legs and grabbing the policeman’s balls, she caressed the hairy sack.

The two men were breathing harder.

“Oh, Fuck!” the policeman cried out, as he had to surrender first.

Every inch of Nikki’s pussy felt the wildness of his giant ejaculating cock. Spurt after spurt it pumped into her aching pussy, as he held on tight to her buttocks, pressing the entirelength of the spitting cock into her.

“Yeah,” Brad cried.

Through Nikki’s body he’d felt every spray of the policeman’s cock, and now he came, too. Jerking madly, his cock unloaded its hot cream in Nikki’s mouth. She swallowed the first load – and the next, but the semen kept pumping into her mouth.

Brad twisted on the seat, his chained hand pulling at the handcuffs. And as his cock gave one last jerk, his sperm dribbled out of Nikki’s mouth, down the shaft and onto his heavy balls.

The policeman pulled his cock out of her – it was still half erect – and sternly started dressing as if nothing had happened.

Nikki let go of Brad’s cock, kissing it gently, a drop of sementrickling down her chin.

Bending over Brad, the policeman unlocked the handcuffs.

“Thanks,” Brad mumbled, zipping up his pants. “So … now what do you… ?”

“I won’t arrest you, that’s for sure!” the policeman laughed. “I think it worked out just fine.”

“Mmmm,” Nikki purred, “so do I.”

Brad sneered.

“Brad,” she said. “It was wonderful. You got pretty hot, too, honey!”

Brad laughed bashfully. “Well, yeah, I got a hard-on when he fucked you. But that was some serious fucking you got.”

“Well,” the policeman said. “When I fuck, you stay fucked!”

“And that monster of a cock,” Nikki whispered. “Brad – did you really see the size of that thing. It was … I don’t even know what to say…”

“Yeah,” Brad told the policeman, “you know, once she gets hot, she doesn’t care. All she wants is a huge fucking cock.”

“Or two,” Nikki whispered.

Then, sort of realizing what she’d said, she averted their gaze. The two men looked at each other.

“Okay with me,” Brad said slowly.

“Alright, get in.” The policeman climbed into the back seat. “If you’re ready for more, I know a place we can go.”

Brad started the car, looking over at Nikki with an evil grin. She shivered, knowing that the two men were up to no good. She hardly dared think about it.

But her pussy was already wet again.

It was an abandoned warehouse way out in the country.

Brad stopped the car, and he and Nikki followed the policeman into the building. An old mattress lay in the middle of the floor of the huge hall.

“This is it?” Brad asked, and the policeman nodded.

Brad led Nikki to the mattress and left her there as he stood next to the policeman, watching her.

“Take off your clothes,” he ordered.

Slowly Nikki undressed in front of the two men. She left her high-heeled shoes on – that always turned Brad on. Soon she stood naked in front of them, shivering slightly in the cool air of the storage room.

“Play with your pussy,” Brad ordered.

Nikki stood with her legs apart on the cold floor. She licked her fingers and started caressing her pussy. Already, she was dripping wet.

“More,” Brad exclaimed. “Grab your tits.”

Nikki grabbed one of her rounded breasts, kneading it, her other hand fingering her little, hardened clit. She then slid a finger all the way up into her wet slit – and out and in again. She kept going, until her long legs were trembling beneath her. Oh, it felt good. It felt so good playing with herself in front of the two men. Nikki moaned and squirmed before their eyes.

“Let’s see a fingerfuck,” Brad said.

Nikki squatted down in front of them, spread her legs wide and parted her pussy lips, letting the men see all the way inside her cunt – as wet and soft as a peach.

Provocatively, she licked her fingers and pressed them into her pussy. Then she let the men watch as she slowly slid her fingers in and out, in and out of her wet sex muscle. Nikki felt herself getting hotter and hotter. She panted with her mouth open, as the love juice dribbled down the inside of her thighs.

“Okay,” Brad said, coming over to her. “Lie down.”

Nikki lay on her back on the mattress and Brad turned towards the policeman.

“Handcuffs,” he said.

The policeman pulled out the handcuffs, and kneeling beside the mattress, locked Nikki’s hands over her head. The metal felt cold as ice on her hot skin.

Brad knelt down between her legs, spread them wide and started rubbing her tender clit hard with his thumb. Nikki let out a short, lustful shriek. Smiling, Brad kept massaging her, slowly pressing the sensitive skin in hard circles around her lust button. Her juices flowing, she moaned.

Brad let go of her clit, stood up and addressed the policeman again.

“What about the nightstick?”

The policeman gave a short laugh and squatted down between Nikki’s legs. Then he pulled out the black nightstick. Nikki moaned weakly, twitching on the mattress.

“Lick it,” Brad ordered.

The policeman offered the nightstick to Nikki’s bright red lips, and with a wet kiss she started sucking the hard black rubber. Brad squatted down next to her face. Slowly the policeman slid the thick stick in and out of Nikki’s mouth. Her lips slurped delicately around it, as if it had been a cock.

“And then in her pussy,” Brad said.

The policeman pulled the nightstick from Nikki’s mouth. It was wet with her saliva. Then he grabbed it firmly, guiding the thick tip just inside her pussy lips. The next thing Nikki felt was the cold hard nightstick sliding up into her wet pussy. She yanked at the handcuffs, making them jingle. The policeman pulled the thick stick in and out of Nikki’s slippery hole in long, steady strokes, making Brad gasp with excitement as he watched it.

“Yeah,” he whispered, “yeah. Now make her taste it”

Slowly the policeman slid the stick out of her pussy and offered it to her mouth. Stretching out her tongue, Nikki licked her own juices from the nightstick.

“Well, is that good?” Brad hissed. “Is it good, tasting your own randy cunt?”

She saw his cock swelling in his tight jeans.

“Mmm,” Nikki whimpered.

“Back into her pussy,” Brad gasped. “Fuck her with it!”

Nikki’s saliva dripped from the stick onto her naked breasts, and then the policeman placed it at the mouth of her pussy. Again she felt the hard nightstick sliding up into her slit, but when the policeman started thrusting in and out, it was a hard, fast rhythm that excited her even more.

Nikki was gasping for breath, madly pulling at the handcuffs. The policeman grinned wickedly, as Brad feverishly unzipped his pants, pulling out his erect cock. He started stroking it, watching the kinky scene on the mattress.

The policeman was pumping the thick nightstick in and out of Nikki’s pussy, making the black rubber glisten from her juices. He was panting, too, his face gone red – and through the pants of his uniform Brad saw his long cock hardening.

Nikki was about to come. And suddenly the two men pinned her to the mattress as the policeman – unbearably slowly – pulled the dripping wet stick out of her pussy. At that point a violent orgasm flooded her.

“Oh,” she cried. “Oh. Oh.”

Nikki threw herself about on the mattress in ecstasy, as the two men stood above her, watching her orgasm.

Brad grabbed his bone hard cock. Then, placing himself between her legs, he plungeed his stiff tool into her hot cunt. Nikki gasped involuntarily, and calmly Brad started thrusting his hard cock in and out of his chained girlfriend.

“Do you like that?” he gasped. “Do you like getting fucked?”

Still dizzy from her climax Nikki was unable to answer. This made Brad mad with rage. Grabbing her thighs roughly, he sped up his rhythm to wild, brutal thrusts, throwing the poor girl back and forth on the mattress.

“I … asked you … a question… ” he snarled. “Do you … like … getting fucked?”

“Yes, yes,” Nikki whimpered helplessly. “I love it.”

“See? You can do it?” Brad said fiendishly. “But you better talk nice, when you’re getting fucked. Mmm?”

And Brad slowed down again. The policeman watched them attentively. His pants revealed a huge erection and from where he stood he had a perfect view of Nikki’s stretching pussy and Brad’s cock, wet with juice, sliding in and out. Over – and over

“Take off your pants,” Brad gasped.

And quickly the policeman removed his pants. Nikki moaned deeply at the sight of his huge erection. Brad’s cock was pumping rhythmically in her soaking wet pussy.

“Okay,” Brad whispered, suddenly pulling out of her. “Now you fuck her!”

Brad held onto his wet cock, as the policeman lay between Nikki’s legs, thrusting his huge member all the way into her pussy in one powerful stroke.

“Aaah!” Nikki screamed.

“Fuck her,” Brad commanded, and the policeman started pumping in hard, deep thrusts, sliding his cock almost all the way out and all the way in with every stroke.

Nikki squirmed, emitting little lustful squeaks, pulling so hard at the handcuffs that for a moment Brad wondered how much they could take.

“Yeah, fuck her,” he hissed. “Is that the kind of cock you want? Is that the kind of big giant cock you want to fuck you?”

“Yes,” she whimpered. “Anything … you … say.”

Nikki was writhing beneath the policeman’s muscular body, feeling his giant member plowing in and out of her. She saw Brad standing above her, stroking his hard cock. She felt the hard cuffs around her wrists and she felt … No, that wasn’t possible. Not again.

“Fuck her. Randy little bitch.”


Nikki came again, her juices gushing from her pussy. But the policeman did not stop his brutal thrusting even for a moment.

“No. Wait,” she begged. “No … no more…”

“Nasty … eh?” the policeman yelled, short of breath from his wild fucking rhythm. “Honey … we’re gonna fuck you … so hard. Aah … Aah,” he yelled.

He was sweating, dripping sweat all over Nikki, his cock swelling, about to come. Breathing hard, he slowed down.

“Ohhh, let me have her,” Brad shouted, and the policeman pulled out, letting him have his way.

Mad with lust, Brad lay down between her legs, his hard cock brutally impaling her. God, he was in heat! Nikki looked at him and he was like a wild beast. His eyes glazed as in a fever, every muscle in his body flexing in time to his rhythm. Grunting, he grabbed her thighs, pumping his ever more swelling cock in and out of her aching pussy.

“Brad,” she sobbed.

“Okay,” he panted heavily and pulled out. Brad pointed his cock at Nikki’s face and started masturbating.

“Come on,” he shouted, “give her your load. She loves it.”

The policeman knelt down next to Brad, and together the two men shamelessly began masturbating before her eyes. Nikki pulled at the handcuffs in vain. She wanted to touch their explosive cocks. But instead she had to tease the horny men by panting huskily:

“Yeah, come all over me. Give me all your lovely sperm.”

“Yeeeah,” the policeman suddenly yelled.

Nikki saw his heavy balls jerking, tensing up his entire body and setting off his powerful ejaculation.

A thick white jet of sperm shot out of the tip of his giant cock. The sticky load landed as a boiling glob on Nikki’s cheek. The policeman’s cock jerked spasmodically, and another jet shot forth. The policeman yelled like an animal, pumping load after load onto Nikki’s face.

“Ohhh,” Brad moaned instantly, the head of his cock swelling violently in his fist.

Brad struggled to get up to aim the spray with maximum precision at his chained girlfriend. Nikki opened her mouth, and then it came: Long, white spurts shot several feet into the air in the direction of her face.

“Ahh, ahh, ahh,” Brad grunted, as Nikki caught several loads in her mouth, smacking and sucking her lover’s semen.

Brad emptied himself with a few more strokes and breathed deeply. Exhausted, the policeman had sat down on the cold concrete floor, his long dick limp and reddened between his legs.

Nikki was smiling, her cheeks flushed and spattered with the sperm of the two men. Brad bent down and kissed her tenderly as he unlocked the handcuffs.

The next day, passers-by were amazed to find a naked policeman handcuffed to a radiator in an old warehouse. But by then Brad and Nikki were long gone. Along with the money. And the nightstick.

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