The Road Trip

Sex story: The Road Trip

”Is it far?” Michelle asked.

She sat next to me in the passenger seat of my convertible. I had been driving through the desert for a couple of hours straight, and we were both getting bored.

“About a hundred miles,” I said.

Michelle sighed.

“I’m tired,” she said, pouting.

“You can take a nap once we reach the motel,” I said.

Michelle grinned.

“Oh no,” she said. “You know what we’re gonna do.”

I glanced at her. She looked really cute with her long blond hair blowing in the breeze, her big natural breasts stretching the fabric of her white T-shirt. Her tight blue jeans revealed her shapely hips and long, slender legs.

Yeah, I had a pretty good idea what I wanted to do. But I wanted her to tell me.

“Dunno,” I said, my eyes on the road again. “Refresh my memory.”

Michelle rolled her eyes.

“Aw, come on,” she said. “We’re gonna get naked, and then…”

“And then?” I said, smiling

Michelle squirmed in her seat.

“You’re gonna get hard,” she whispered. “And then you’re gonna lick me. And I will suck you. And then…”

“Oh yeah,” I said.

Just listening to her description, I could visualize having sex with Michelle in the motel. And my cock was already starting to rise to the occasion, getting stiff inside my black jeans.

“Oh God,” Michelle moaned. “I’m getting wet just thinking about it. And you…”

She reached over, her hand brushing across the crotch of my jeans. She felt the bulge and squeezed it gently. I gasped, grabbing the steering wheel hard.

“Oh yes, you are,” she giggled. “Oh, poor baby.”

She undid my belt buckle, then slowly zipped down my jeans.

“Michelle…” I said.

“Ooh, don’t worry,” she purred. “I’ll be gentle.”

My semi-erect cock was in her hand now. Michelle’s fingers felt tiny around, slowly stroking its thick root. I was going 75 mph. now and kept my eyes fixed on the road.

Massaging my cock rhythmically, Michelle masturbated it to a full, swelling erection. She looked up at me.

“Is it good?” she asked.

“Hell, yeah,” I gasped. “That feels great. Keep going.”

She kept stroking and I sat back, enjoying the sensations of pleasure. Then I froze as I felt a soft wetness closing around my cock. Michelle had taken it into her mouth.

“Whoa!” I cried. “What are you doing?”

There was no answer. Michelle’s attention was now entirely devoted to my cock. Slurping and smacking, she began moving her head up and down, sucking on my rod, making it stiffer yet. The car zoomed away at 80 mph.

“Fuck…” I whispered.

This was getting dangerous. I don’t think it’s safe to drive a car while a sexy blonde is giving you head. But it felt so good, I didn’t want Michelle to stop. And somehow it felt natural to speed up the car – just a little bit.

“Yeah!” I said.

I had one hand firmly gripping the wheel. With the other I grabbed Michelle’s hair, forcing her head up and down, up and down. My cock slipped in and out of her wet, sucking mouth – one moment, the swollen head was between her lips, the next it was all the way down her throat. And out. And in. Again and again.

My vision grew hazy as I approached my orgasm. I felt Michelle’s hands pushing against my thighs, trying to slow me down. But it was too late for that. The pressure inside my balls grew to an unbearable level. A few more thrusts, and I would be ready to burst.

“Yeah, baby!” I yelled into the desert sky. “Here I come!”

“Mmm!” Michelle cried, her mouth filled with my swelling, twitching cock.

I pushed her head down, forcing my cock all the way into her mouth. And then I came. Semen spurted out through the shaft with incredible force. I felt Michelle trying to swallow it all, but then I fired another burst. Uttering animal sounds, I kept ejaculating, shooting hot spurts of sperm into her mouth.

90 mph! I barely managed to keep the car in the right lane, as I emptied myself between Michelle’s sucking lips.

“Oh yes,” I whispered. “That was so good.”

Gradually, my cock stopped pumping. I slowed the car down to 75 again. Michelle licked up the last drops and let my tool slip from her mouth. She held it in her hand, just looking at it.

“Baby…” she said.

Catching my breath, I looked down at my cock. It was wet and reddish, and still hard as a bone.

“Wow,” Michelle whispered.

“Looks like I’m not finished with you, baby,” I gasped. “Just you wait and see.”

Her eyes gleamed with excitement, as we drove on, my cock still sticking out from my jeans. A few miles later I stopped the car at the side of the road. We were still in the middle of the desert, no one around for miles.

“Get out of the car,” I said. “And take off your clothes.”

“But…” Michelle protested.

“Hey,” I said. “It’s not like anyone’s gonna see you or anything. And if they did, you look good naked. Go on.”

Michelle got out and left the door open. Standing next to the car, she took off her T-shirt, showing off her beautiful breasts. She paused to take her high-heeled shoes off. Then she unzipped her jeans and pulled them off, then her panties. When she was naked, she put her shoes on again. She knows I like that.

Michelle had put her clothes on the passenger seat and closed the door. I picked up my briefcase in the backseat, then got out of the car, slamming the door behind me. My hard-on bounced freely as I walked to the front of the car.

“Okay,” I said, “Lie down on the hood. Face down.”

Michelle obeyed, and I opened the briefcase, taking out two sets of handcuffs. I handcuffed her left hand to one rear-view mirror, her right hand to the other.

“Oh God,” she whispered.

I stood in front of the car, enjoying the beautiful sight of the naked girl sprawled across the hood, tied up and waiting.

Then I took the vibrator from the briefcase and turned it on. Michelle shivered at the sound.

“Spread your legs wide,” I said.

And slowly, she did. I lifted up her left thigh and let the buzzing latex vibrator touch the edge of her cunt. She gasped. I moved it back and forth slowly, stimulating her labia, teasing her. She was wet, and I was making her wetter still.

I gently poked her pussy with the tip of the vibrator, slipping just a fraction of an inch inside – then I pulled it back out out.

“Mmm!” she cried.

I inserted it again, moving it back and forth, only prodding the outer edge of her slit. Michelle wriggled her ass at me, impatiently. Her juices made the vibrator glisten in the desert sun.

“Oh yes,” she whispered, yanking at the handcuffs.

“You like that?” I said. “Huh?”

And with one fast thrust, I buried the entire length of the vibrator in Michelle’s cunt.

“Ohhh!” she cried, throwing herself about on the hood of the car.

I stood back, leaving the vibrator there. It was still buzzing, stimulating the depths of her juicy pussy. As I watched her writhing, she got closer and closer to an inevitable orgasm. Excited as hell, I stroked my cock at the sight.

“Oh please,” she gasped, “oh God. Yes!”

Michelle arched her back as she came, crying out in uncontrollable ecstasy. Juices flowed down her thighs as her love muscles contracted around the vibrator still humming deep inside her cunt. The vibrations seemed to prolong her climax, making her moan and squirm lasciviously on the hood of the car. It was as if she’d never stop coming.

“Ahhh,” she whispered. “It’s so good.”

Slowly, I took my clothes off, leaving them on the ground. Then I took the jar of lubricant from the briefcase. I spread the lube all over my cock. Then, stepping up to Michelle, I dipped two fingers in the creamy substance and gently inserted them into her ass. I turned the fingers around inside, lubricating her.

“No!” she shouted. “You bastard!”

I reached down and turned off the vibrator, but left it buried in her pussy.

“Shut up,” I said, grabbing my slick cock and stroking it. “Just relax and it won’t hurt.”

“Fuck…” Michelle said.

My cock stood straight up. I had to bend it downwards to point it at Michelle’s rectum. As I pushed gently forwards, the tip of the head just slid inside.

“Ah!” she moaned.

I felt her ass muscles gradually relaxing, yielding to me. Slowly, I applied more force, squeezing my bone-hard cock into her ass. I grabbed her hips, still pushing forward. And inch-by-inch the entire length of my excited shaft entered Michelle’s tight little ass.

“Yeah,” I grunted.

I pulled back, almost all the way out, then rammed my cock back into her ass in one powerful thrust.

“Aaah!” she screamed.

Pulling back again, I began thrusting into her rhythmically, fucking her ass in deep, hard strokes. Her anus squeezed my cock tight, making it swell to an incredible erection. I kept going, pumping my tool into at her ass over and over and over.

By now I was sweating, dripping perspiration onto her back. Michelle was moaning, long, lustful moans. She couldn’t help herself: This was really turning her on.

“You like that?” I gasped, thrusting even deeper into her tight hole. “You like it in the ass?”

“I love it!” she cried. “Fuck me hard, baby!”

Her hands pulled at the handcuffs, making them jingle. Her whole body was trembling, approaching another climax. I reached down and turned on the vibrator again. Michelle tensed up, as she felt the sex toy buzzing deep inside her pussy.

“Ohhh!” she yelled.

I fucked her ass like a madman, my rigid cock poking her in a frenzied rhythm. I knew she would be coming soon. But even if she wasn’t, I wouldn’t be able to hold on any longer. I was going to unload any second.

“Aaah!” Michelle cried, as she came.

Another violent orgasm, making her throw herself about on the hood of the car. I grabbed her hips, holding on tight, as I thrust once more into her. And again. And again. And…


I yelled like an animal, as I came. Michelle screamed again, as the first spurt of semen shot into her ass. I felt my cock jerking and spurting, shooting jet after jet of white-hot spunk into Michelle’s tight little hole. Even as I ejaculated, I kept fucking her savagely, my pumping cock emptying itself of its sperm.

Finally, the eruptions ceased and I just stood there, holding my cock still inside Michelle’s ass. I switched off the vibrator and felt my cock grow soft.

“Mmm,” she purred.

Slowly, I pulled out and undid the handcuffs.

I picked up my clothes and threw them in the back seat. Then I got into the driver’s seat, naked.

“Come on,” I said. “Let’s go.”

Michelle giggled.

“But…” she stuttered, “shouldn’t we put our clothes back on.”

“Who’s gonna see us?” I asked. “Besides – it’s hot out here.”

Naked and giggling, Michelle crawled into the passenger seat and closed the door. And naked, we drove off. The desert wind felt cool on our hot bodies.

“Besides,” I said, “once we reach the hotel, we’re going to get naked anyway.”

Michelle laughed out loud as the car zoomed along the highway.

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