Sex story: A Day in the Life of a Used Car Salesman

Salesman Ed gets more than he bargained for when an unusually horny and shameless young couple comes shopping for a car.
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“N-now,” Ed stuttered. “As for payment, we have a number of…”

“Yeah, yeah,” Brad interrupted. “Don’t worry: We’ll buy the freakin’ car. I was just hoping we could have a little fun first.”

“Fun?” said Ed.

“Yeah, I know,” Brad said. “Some guys are really jealous and all. But you know: I don’t mind other men looking at Candy. Hell, what man in his right mind wouldn’t like to look at her?”

“Yes, she’s really something,” Ed said. “You must…”

Ed fell silent. Candy was playfully pulling of her t-shirt, exposing her huge, perfectly rounded breasts. Then she threw the t-shirt at Ed. He caught it without thinking — it had the sweet scent of young, female skin.

Candy was naked now, except for the high-heeled shoes. Completely unashamed, she just stood there smiling, exposing herself to the two men.

Nervously, Ed looked back towards the office. The boss had gone home, but his colleague, Rick, was still inside, doing some paperwork. Could he even see what was going on out here in the parking lot?

Brad went over to Candy and grabbed her arm.

“Come here,” he said, and pulled the girl towards the hood of the car, making her bend over.

Obediently, Candy rested her hands on the hood, her cute, shapely ass sticking up in the air. She spread her legs, offering the two men a perfect view of her cunt.

Brad stood beside Candy, stroking her fleshy buttocks. Playfully, she wriggled her ass at him.

“A pretty girl with her ass in the air,” Brad said. “Isn’t that the prettiest sight in the world?”

“Yeah…” Ed said hesitantly. “It’s, ummm…”

“No, no, no,” Brad said, shaking his head. “You need to take a closer look. Come over here.”

Ed didn’t move. He had absolutely no idea what to do. This was getting out of hand.

“I said, come over here,” Brad said again.

Slowly, Ed walked over to the car and stood right next to Candy’s naked ass.

“Good,” Brad said, squatting down. “You know, you’ll see better from down here.”

Without even thinking, Ed squatted down, too. Moments later, he realized that his face was now right next to Candy’s ass and pussy.

Brad slapped Candy’s ass hard with his open hand: Smack!

“Ooh!” she cooed with mock surprise.

Gently, Brad poked at her fleshy cunt with his middle finger. He licked his lips.

“Mmm,” he whispered. “Cute little pussy, isn’t it?”

Ed could tell he was completely obsessed with his girlfriend. And watching him, Ed felt himself lusting after her, too.

Brad’s finger slowly worked its way in between her soft pink labia. Inch by inch, it entered her flesh.

“Ohhh yeah,” Candy gasped.

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