Sex story: The Train Ride

Jenna looked out the window. It was completely dark – only a few lights zoomed by, as the train passed them, but she could never make out what they were.

She was bored. The car was empty except for her, and she had a couple of hours left before she reached her destination. And she had no ticket and wasn’t at all sure what to do if the conductor came by. So far he hadn’t, but she was still a bit nervous. She needed something to calm her down.

Hesitantly, she unbuttoned her jeans. What the hell – no one was watching anyway. Then she slowly slid her index and middle fingers down into her panties, sensing the heat of her sex. She closed her eyes.

Jenna was a pretty girl of 19 – not tall, but with beautiful long, blond hair, pale blue eyes and a nice, slender body. Tonight she was dressed in jeans and a loose T-shirt, which however didn’t hide her shapely breasts. She lived in the college dorm, but this Friday evening she was heading home to spend the weekend at her parents’ house.

Jenna’s fingers touched the base of her clit, slowly massaging it. She moaned slightly with pleasure. Some of her girlfriends would never admit to masturbating, saying it was something only guys did. Jenna didn’t understand. She loved to play with herself and was able to achieve powerful orgasms that way. Sometimes (like tonight) she masturbated to relax when she was bored or stressed out.

Jenna bit her lip as she rhythmically stroked her own flesh inside her jeans. She was getting wet now, really wet. Cautiously, she slipped the tip of her middle finger into her pussy. She gasped with pleasure. Slowly, she slid the finger all the way into her moist slit. God, that felt great. Now, clenching her love muscle around her finger, she began moving it back and forth – in and out.

Oh, yes. The motion of her own finger excited her, making her juices flow even more. Wet and slippery, her finger thrust deeper and deeper into her pussy. She breathed hard as the lustful sensations overwhelmed her young body, her finger poking her cunt. Again and again and again…


Jenna jumped at the sound of a deep voice. She opened her eyes and saw the conductor standing a few feet away: A tall, black man dressed in a gray uniform. Startled, it took her a while to realize that she had her fingers down her jeans. Suddenly, she felt ashamed.

”I…” she stuttered, pulling her fingers from her cunt and wiping the wetness off on her jeans. ”I’m terribly sorry. I…”

”No,” the conductor said. ”Don’t stop.”

”What?” Jenna couldn’t believe her ears.

”I said: Don’t stop!” the conductor said again, raising his voice. ”Do you understand, miss? You must play with yourself. And I’m going to watch.”

Jenna swallowed once. Then, looking deep into the eyes of the black man, she once more let her fingers stroke her pussy.

”Ohhh…” she gasped.

”That’s good, miss,” the conductor said. ”Now take your jeans off so I can see your cunt.”

Jenna kicked off her shoes and pulled off her jeans and panties. The fabric of the train seat felt rough against her naked ass. She spread her legs slightly and resumed massaging her clit, letting the conductor watch her masturbate.

”Like this?” she whispered. ”You like that?”

The conductor just looked at her, his face expressionless beneath his gray cap. Jenna felt her pussy getting slippery with juice, making tiny wet noises as she stroked herself. With her other hand she felt her right breast, squeezing it gently. Her nipples were hard with desire.

”Ahhh…” she gasped, squirming with pleasure on the train seat.

Slowly, the conductor unbuttoned his gray pants. Jenna watched as he pulled out his long, chocolate-brown cock. It was only semi-erect, but it had to be at least nine inches long. He closed his fist around it and slowly began stroking it.

For a while, they just watched each other masturbating – Jenna exposing her juicy pussy, the conductor showing off his huge black cock. The train rumbled through the night as they touched themselves. Finally, the conductor broke the silence.

”Come over here, miss,” he said. ”On your knees.”

Trembling, Jenna got up and knelt down in front of the conductor.

”Now, you must suck my cock,” he said.

Hesitantly, Jenna opened her mouth. She had never been with a black man before and wondered what a black cock might taste like. As she looked at the conductor’s erect tool, a drop of clear liquid oozed from its tip. Then he grabbed her chin with one hand and eased his cock in between her lips.

Jenna sucked it, tasting the salty skin of his member. Slowly he pushed deeper into her mouth, and she felt his rigid shaft throbbing on her tongue. Of course it was far too long for her to take it all the way, but she was surprised how much of his cock she could fit in her mouth. She felt a certain sense of pride over her talent for fellatio.

Jenna moved her head back and forth, letting the long cock slide in and out of her mouth. She slobbered all over the shaft, making it wet and slippery with saliva. The black cock glistened as she sucked it, amazingly long and hard.

”Play with yourself, miss,” he conductor ordered.

And still sucking his cock, Jenna obeyed. Kneeling naked on the floor of the train, she once more slipped her finger into her succulent pussy. Shivering with pleasure, she slid the finger in and out of her cunt in a lustful rhythm, making her even more excited. Poking and poking her tender pussy, she almost made herself come.

The conductor pulled his cock from her mouth.

”Now get up,” he said.

Jenna stood up, dizzy with excitement. She had been so close to having an orgasm. Her legs were shaking.

”Turn around, miss”, the conductor said, stroking his cock.

He made her bend over, facing the window. Jenna saw her reflection in the glass – she looked flushed and sweaty, and her hair was a mess. But she looked sexy, she thought – it was a look that would drive any man wild.

As lights flew past the window in the dark, she saw the reflection of the conductor assuming the position behind her. His long cock towered over her rounded bottom – he had to grab it with both hands to guide it down towards her cunt.

Oh yes, she thought. Fuck me.

As the swollen head of his cock touched her labia, a thought flashed through her mind: Her parents would hate this. They were both quite racist – especially her dad – and the thought of their only daughter getting fucked by a black man would send them into a rage. This excited her even more. She could hardly wait to feel the long black cock burying itself in her tender slit. She even wished her parents were there to see it.

”Fuck me,” she whimpered.

And as the conductor thrust into her, her pussy was filled with the entire length of his shaft.

”Aaah!” she screamed.

The conductor grabbed Jenna’s ass, pumping his hard cock in and out of her cunt. Again and again and again, in a hard, relentless rhythm. This was it, she thought, she was certainly going to come now.

”Ah yes,” she said. ”Keep going! Oh, it’s so good…”

Even the conductor was breathing harder now. In the window she could see him clenching his teeth in a grimace of strain and excitement. He was fucking her with a vengeance, thrusting and thrusting into her tight, moist crevice. She felt the rough fabric of his pants brushing against her ass with every stroke.

”Yes, miss,” he gasped. ”Let me watch you come.”

Jenna closed her eyes, focusing on the sensations of pleasure emanating from her cunt and spreading through her entire body. With every stroke, the long black cock brought her closer to her climax. She imagined her parents watching them – her mother pale with shock, her dad angrily shouting curses at the cruel black man savagely fucking his daughter.

”Ahhh,” she whimpered. ”I’m coming!”

She felt juices bursting from her cunt, as the orgasm hit her. Jenna ejaculated in huge, wet squirts, while the conductor kept driving his erect cock deep into her pussy. Her entire body trembled as her violent climax pulsed through her flesh like electricity.

”Ohhh,” she cried out, ”ohhh…”

As her orgasm subsided, the conductor pulled his cock from her cunt.

”On your knees,” he ordered.

Jenna fell to her knees, exhausted. Looking up at the conductor, she grabbed the stiff, wet cock protruding from his pants.

”Yes, miss,” he said. ”Stroke it.”

Rhythmically, Jenna stroked his long, black cock with both hands. She felt it swelling and twitching – he was about to come. Looking into his eyes, she pointed the cock at her naked breasts while she masturbated it.

Groaning, the conductor threw his head back as the orgasm hit him. Swelling madly, his cock released a long, hot jet of white semen, hitting Jenna’s left breast. Then another spurt – and another. The conductor’s cock jerked between her fingers, pumping endless loads of sperm onto her breasts and shoulders. As the squirts subsided, Jenna let go of his cock.

”No!” he protested. ”For God’s sake, miss! Keep going!”

Jenna resumed her rhythmic stroking of the black cock. She noticed that the erection hadn’t subsided – the shaft was still as long and hard as before. Jenna realized what was about to happen. She could hardly believe it. He had come so hard – her breasts were still covered with his sperm.

The conductor was mad with lust. As Jenna stroked his cock, he began thrusting his pelvis back and forth, grunting like an animal.

The sight turned her on so much, she had to touch herself again. She held on to his cock with one hand, as he vigorously pumped it in and out between her fingers. Her other hand found her pussy and began massaging the base of her clit. She wanted to come together with him.

The conductor roared with lust, as his cock swelled to ejaculate once again. Masturbating, Jenna guided his huge tool into her mouth. And as the conductor felt her wet lips closing around his cock, he came again.

”Unhhh!” he yelled. ”Yeahhh!”

Jenna swallowed, as hot semen shot into her mouth. Spurt after spurt pumped into her throat, forcing her to gulp it down. Jenna’s body trembled, as she, too, climaxed again. She closed her eyes, almost fainting as the orgasm overwhelmed her. Still, she felt the black cock shooting loads of salty spunk into her mouth.

Finally, the conductor’s ejaculation subsided. Jenna kept sucking eagerly, emptying him of every last drop. Then, shaking all over, she collapsed on the floor. Sperm trickled from the corner of her mouth.

Outside the window, tiny lights flew by as the train rushed through the night. The conductor tucked away his cock and buttoned his pants again.

”By the way, miss,” he said. ”Do you have a ticket?”

Jenna looked up at him, ashamed.

”N-no,” she said. ”I’m sorry.”

And for the first time, the conductor smiled – a huge, joyful grin.

”That’s okay,” he said. ”I didn’t think you had.”

And he turned to leave the car. Dazed, Jenna crawled back into her seat and began putting her clothes back on.

On his way out, the conductor turned towards her again.

”By the way, miss,” he said, smiling. ”You still have two hours to go, right?”

Jenna nodded her head.

”Okay,” the conductor grinned. ”Who knows: Maybe I’ll pay you another visit.”

And with those words, he exited the car.

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