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Masturbation Monday: Excerpt from “Orgasm Offender”

The story so far: The two police officers, Amy and Jack, have apprehended the notorious sex offender, Maxwell. After celebrations at the station, Amy offers to drive Jack home.

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Masturbation Monday: Excerpt from “The Churchyard”

A little piece of filth for Masturbation Monday: Anne is visiting the grave of her late husband, Scott. He turned out to be cheating on her – but she still misses their very active sex life. What she doesn’t know is that a flasher is roaming the churchyard – and he already has his sights set on her.

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December 18

Another sweet little vintage clip for you to enjoy today. This time from John Leslie’s classic “Curse of the Catwoman” (1991).

A beautiful girl mingles with a group of horny men, stripping and dancing seductively in their midst. What happens may not be exactly what you expect – but I find it quite arousing nonetheless.

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