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Naked Circus

Naked Circus out now!

When her father dies and her mother remarries, our young heroine runs away from the family mansion to join a travelling circus. As the troupe turns out to be a motley crew of perverts and deviants, it becomes a journey of personal and sexual development for Kate. And maybe in the midst of the carnal chaos, true love awaits? Buy “Naked Circus” from: Amazon iTunes Smashwords

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New Frank Noir novella: “Orgasm Offender” out now!

The latest Frank Noir novella “Orgasm Offender” is out! Maxwell – the “Orgasm Offender” – is a notorious sex fiend with a bizarre twist: Not content with his his own satisfaction, he forces his helpless female victims to experience powerful serial orgasms. “Orgasm Offender” is available from all major vendors now.

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