The Beginnings of a Pornographer

I’m often asked how, when, or why I began writing erotica. And I usually give a brief, summarized answer. But I think the whole story is actually quite interesting – so here it is.

First of all, I’ve always been writing. Ever since I learned to read, I’ve enjoyed thinking up stories and writing them down. And when my father bought his first typewriter, I would often borrow it and delighted in seeing my stories “in print”. Yes, in the days before home computers and word processing software, typewritten text looked fairly professional to me. I’d write poems, short stories, plays, anything that came to mind.

I grew up in Denmark in the late sixties, when it was a hub of the sexual revolution. Not least because it was the first country (in the iconic year ’69) to fully legalize all kinds of pictorial pornography. And I do mean all kinds. It was not uncommon to find magazine covers depicting full frontal nudity and sexual penetration in plain view at your local newsagent’s.

At that time I must have been around ten years old. And I vividly remember being surrounded by sexual images whenever my father took me along to buy the daily newspaper. On the covers of those magazines I caught my first glimpse of male erections and ejaculations as well as various sexual practices. I seem to remember there was quite an interest in bondage in those days. And as a boy I would wonder why those women were stark naked and tied up with ropes. And what were those strange, pleasant sensations those images triggered in my pre-pubescent body?

Some years later, of course, puberty hit me for good. And like all other teenage boys I was flooded with hormonally induced sexual fantasies and masturbated frequently. My love of the written word now extended to erotic, and I would seek out sex scenes in pornographic and mainstream books alike and masturbate to them.

One day I tried an experiment: When my father wasn’t home I put a sheet of paper in his typewriter and began putting one of my erotic fantasies into words. I believe it was about a woman on her first day at work being forced to have sex with her boss – and later the entire office. I realized that writing it made me wonderfully excited. And it also worked excellently for reading back while masturbating.

Over the years I wrote only a few of those stories – and all of them exactly one sheet of paper in length, single-spaced. And when I grew up and moved away from home, I more or less forgot about them. Only when I got my first home computer, I realized that I still enjoyed writing down my sexual fantasies. By now I’d had sex with a number of partners and actually knew what it was like. Also, my writing style had matured, and although I stuck to short stories, I enjoyed making them longer, adding more characterizations and plot.

Soon, I discovered the many ways to share my finished stories online. And eventually, I began to make collections of short stories available (and later novels) available in ebook format.

If you found this page you probably know the rest of the story. My works can be found in the ebook section of this website – and there is even a selection of free pornographic stories here. Enjoy!

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