Upcoming Frank Noir release: “Orgasm Offender”

The next planned release from Frank Noir is a novella-length ebook entitled “Orgasm Offender”. And once again, the story is not for the faint of heart:

Maxwell is a notorious sex offender with a bizarre twist: Not content with his his own satisfaction, he forces his helpless female victims to experience powerful serial orgasm.

When Maxwell escapes after five years of incarceration in a psychiatric hospital, no woman is safe in city, as he embarks on an insatiable sexual rampage.

Police officers Amy and Jack stumbles across the deranged predator – but are utterly unprepared for his perverted urges. He takes them both hostage, setting the scene for a psychosexual showdown of orgasmic proportions.

A darkly sensual tale of kinky desires, packed with graphic descriptions of savage sexual encounters, “Orgasm Offender” is Frank Noir at his best: Explicit depictions of scorching, dangerous pleasures. Prepare to be aroused – perhaps even against your will.

“Orgasm Offender” is available for preorder now.

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