Sex story: The Girl on the Bicycle

I was on my bicycle that afternoon, doing one of my regular exercise rides. I’ve been doing this for years, and I believe I am now almost as fit as a professional athlete. It’s still just a hobby for me, but I take pride in maintaining my physique. And the girls seem to like the body I’ve developed – not muscular, but lean and wiry. Maybe the exercise even improves my sexual stamina. I wouldn’t know, but as the saying goes: I never had any complaints.

It was a sunny day, and I was heading for a woodland area just north of the city. I noticed a young girl riding her bike just in front of me. She was going remarkably fast, and I decided to stay behind her for the time being.

Stay behind her – and get a good look. She looked cute: Long, blonde hair flowing in the wind, a light summer dress with a floral pattern, long, slender legs pumping away at the pedals – and the cutest little ass showing through the dress.

I just love girls on bicycles: Riding behind them, you have an excellent view of their asses. And there’s always something sexy about girls exercising: Young, female bodies going through rhythmic motions, getting all hot and sweaty. As I kept my eyes fixed on the little bike rider’s sexy body, I imagined I could actually hear her panting from the strain.

And soon I felt my cock swelling inside my shorts.

Anyone will tell you that getting an erection while riding a bike is kinda dangerous. The bicycle seat seems to stimulate some pressure points. And your own rhythmic motions will make it grow uncontrollably. It takes huge will power to distract yourself, to think of something else and make it go down.

But then again, why should I? I was enjoying the view back here, and I might as well enjoy the lustful sensations in my loins. I felt my cock against my thigh, growing long and hard.

As we approached the woodland area, the girl turned right, exactly where I had intended. Great! I was able to stick to my exercise schedule, and at the same time follow this little sexy thing around.

As we drove into the woods, I noticed she only had her left hand on the handlebars. The right one seemed to be between her legs, where her dressed seemed to be pulled up to make way. And then I saw it: The slight rhythmic motion of her right arm – round and round – there was no doubt: She was playing with herself – masturbating on the bicycle.

I was amazed. She was obviously as excited as I was, but didn’t intend to merely savor the feeling – she wanted to bring herself off. But didn’t she know that she was not alone? Hadn’t she noticed me?

If she had, she didn’t show it. Still pedaling away, she was now doubled over on the bike, massaging her pussy vigorously. And now I definitely heard her young, girlish voice gasping with pleasure:

“Mmm,” she moaned. “Yesss…”

Of course all this added at least an extra inch to my hard-on. God, she was hot! I just love watching girls masturbate. It seemed today I was getting everything I liked today.

The girl sat up again, pulling her right hand away from her pussy, only to touch her breasts. She squirmed on the bicycle seat, as her hand seemed to be kneading her left breast. Then, with a sudden, skilled movement, she pulled off her dress and threw it away.

The flowery fabric zoomed by me, and I caught a whiff of her sweet scent, before it fluttered away, landing next to the bicycle path. Ahead of me, the girl now sat on her bike, completely naked. She shook her head, her hair flowing freely in the breeze. For the first time I though about getting around her, just to get a view of that young, naked body.

Her hand seemed to find her pussy again, and she through her head back, as she once more began stroking her flesh. My cock was now completely erect, stretching uncomfortably against the fabric of my shorts. I had to keep pedaling to keep up with the girl. But I was afraid that my motions might actually cause me to ejaculate. I tried to concentrate on the path, but it was hopeless. I lusted after this girl so badly.

I heard her moaning louder now, apparently in a state of ecstasy.

“Ooh!” she whimpered. “Oooh…”

Mad with excitement, I tore open my shorts. My rigid cock sprang out, long and swollen, twitching in the breeze. It felt so good to get it out, although it was a strange sensation: Riding my bike with my erect cock poking out, pursuing a young, naked girl. I was so close, I could even smell the sweet scent of her skin and the spicy odor of her excitement.

In front of me, she was obviously getting close to her orgasm. Again, she was doubled over, her face resting on the handlebars. Masturbating vigorously, she was still pedaling at an impressive pace.

“Oh God” she gasped “Oh yes!”

Her bike skidded slightly, as she came, but she managed to maintain control. I think she had at least on finger up her pussy, but I couldn’t be sure. She shivered uncontrollably in her orgasm.

“Aaah!” she cried “Yeahhh!”

My eyes were about to pop out of my head: I just loved the sight of the nude girl climaxing in front of me. Eagerly, I kept pedaling, keeping as close to her as possible. And perhaps it was pedaling that did it, I don’t know. For whatever reason, something happened that I’ve only experienced a few times in my life.

Without touching, I ejaculated.

“Uhhh!” I yelled. “Uhhh!”

The girl turned her head, just as I started coming. She was very pretty, and her expression was a mixture of surprise and curiosity.

The first spurt of semen shot out of my bone-hard shaft, flying several feet into the air, only to hit myself in the stomach. Another spurt, just as powerful, and another, and another. I felt my cock pumping an incredible amount of semen, all in the direction of the naked girl on the bike in front of me. Served her right. I grabbed my cock in my fist and masturbated, emptying myself of the last, creamy drops.

I felt weak. I wanted to follow her, but I had to take a break. And to my surprise, the girl slowed to a halt, threw her bike next to the path and ran into the wood. I stopped, too, threw my bike next to hers and ran after her.

A few yards into the wood, I found her, leaning her back against a tree trunk. She was amazingly beautiful: A perfect, shapely body: Bulging, round breasts, and a lovely, pink slit, clean-shaven and still wet from her orgasm. As she saw me, she shouted out loud:

”Yes! Take me! Ohmigod!”

I threw off my shirt and shorts, but my cock had gone soft and hung long and red between my legs. I ran to her and knelt in front of her. Greedily, I placed my mouth over her moist cunt, tasting her excitement. I sucked her eagerly, making loud smacking sounds.

“Ohhh!” she cried, digging her nails into the tree. “Yesss…”

I made my tongue hard and pushed it into her pussy. Her legs twitched as she felt it. I moved my tongue in circular motions inside her, licking at every inch of her spicy cunt. Then I grabbed hold of her ass – it felt so good in my hands – and began thrusting my tongue in and out of her like a tiny cock.

He gasped loudly as she felt it, and I kept going. In and out, in and out, swallowing the sweet girl juice that trickled into my mouth. She grabbed the back of my neck and I began moving my head back and forth, pushing my tongue deeper and deeper into her succulent flesh. She quivered and whimpered – the sweet sounds of female pleasure.

“Ohmigod!” she cried. “I’m coming!”

And throwing her head back, the naked girl had another orgasm up against the tree. I buried my tongue deep inside her clenching slit and held it there, while the climaxed overpowered her. She moaned loudly in ecstasy, pushing my face against her juicy cunt.

Sucking her to orgasm had turned me on so much, that my cock had grown hard again. I got up and took it in my hand, masturbating it to a full erection. The girl stared at it lustfully.

“Do you want it?” I asked, my voice hoarse with desire.

The girl nodded eagerly.

I smiled. There is nothing as satisfying as a beautiful girl, hungry for your cock.

“Turn around,” I ordered.

Quickly, the girl turned her back to me. Then she bent over, leaning against the tree. I grunted with pleasure at the sight of her cute ass.

“Spread your legs,” I said.

She swiftly obeyed. Between her thighs, I saw the object of my lust: The sweet little pussy that I was now going to bury my cock in. My hard-on twitched with excitement.

I stood behind the girl, guiding my erect cock in between her labia. She moaned.

“Fuck me,” she whispered, beside herself with excitement. “Fuck me hard!”

I didn’t answer. But with one powerful thrust, I rammed my cock into her slit. She was so wet, I slid into her easily, burying my long hard shaft to the root.

“Aaah!” she cried.

“Yeah,” I gasped. “You like that? Now feel this!”

I grabbed her hips, pulled back and drove my cock into her again. I drove it back and forth, making her feel every inch of my rigid tool. My cock swelled inside her, stretching her soft flesh around my shaft. Again and again, I thrust into her.

“Ah, yeah!” she cried. “Harder! Fuck me harder!”

I was sweating – from the bicycle ride, and now from the savage fucking I was giving the girl. And she wanted more? Well, she was gonna get more!

I grabbed her hair and increased the tempo, pumping my excited meat into her slit like a madman. She screamed with pleasure. I kept fucking as hard and as brutally as I could, all the time expecting her to ask me to stop. But she didn’t. Her lustful cries just got louder and louder, until finally…

“Aaah!” she cried. “Oh shit! Aaah!”

She came again, her entire body quivering in ecstasy. I kept thrusting into her, hard and deep. I would have loved to make her come again, but I couldn’t hold back any longer. As her orgasming pussy contracted around my cock, I gave in.

“Unhhh!” I roared. “Unhhh!”

I came even harder than the first time, almost passing out with pleasure. Inside the girl’s pussy, my cock spurted thick semen like a fountain. Another squirt – and another – hot jets of creamy sperm, shooting into the depths of her tender cunt. Again, I was amazed at how much semen I had inside of me. I felt like I was drowning the girl in spunk, as if my ejaculations would never cease.

But eventually it did. I held still inside the girl, feeling my cock slowly grow soft. She wiggled her ass lasciviously at me, semen trickling down the insides of her thighs. Finally, my cock slipped out, red and wet.

I took a deep breath. I felt exhausted, but utterly satisfied, and I think the girl felt the same way.

She turned around to look at me, her face still flushed. She smiled shyly.

“You threw your dress away,” I said.

She nodded.

I took her hand and we walked back to our bikes, both of us naked.

“But then again,” I said, getting into the saddle, “what do we need clothes for, anyway? Come here.”

And together, naked, we rode deeper into the woods.

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